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Gaming has become increasingly popular as we’ve been moving into digital era with smartphones where gamers spending more and more money and time on in-game skins, microtransactions, additional bonus packs and supply drops.

With life moving online, so too does the potential to earn from gaming either through livestreaming, ad placements in videos, e-game competitions and even just casual mobile games where you can earn prizes.

However, as developments on the Lightning Network flourish, mobile gaming apps can offer easy onboarding for newcomers to earn sats for passing their time on these games.

Instead of gaming apps taking more and more money and data from their users, Bitcoin focused gaming apps flip the script and reward users whilst maintaining privacy.


Bitcoin gaming apps

It seems like an odd concept where Bitcoin is given away to users considering we’re so used to giving away details via logging in with Facebook and Google and having to pay to play with traditional mobile games. 

Also, with the HODL mantra of many, it can feel like these companies are making a mistake giving sats away but the aim is to get Bitcoin in to as many hands as possible if hyperbitcoinization is to be achieved and Bitcoin becomes the global medium of exchange.

However, a lot of the revenue from the Bitcoin gaming companies come from sources such as in game adverts, referral links, mining, in-game microtransactions and partnerships with other brands to name a few. This helps them stay afloat in the meantime.

There is a lot of collaboration happening in the Bitcoin space due to the open-source nature of the network so it’s in everyone’s interest to support companies looking to leverage the Bitcoin network for an industry as booming as gaming.

It’s likely that you will need some log-in info to download and use the gaming app as these tend to be on Google Play or Apple Store. Unless you are a coder who knows how to use github and install all the source files for the game on a smartphone you’ve built, you are still relying on using a 3rd party.

This reliance on a 3rd party also means that the gaming app may not pay out your sats on time or can simply withhold funds as you don’t own the keys to the wallet. It’s unlikely to happen as gaming companies with good intentions will want to stay in business but you never know.

Another thing to be wary of is if the games get hacked and any new updates cause damage or ransomware attacks on your phone. That’s the same with any game but it could be more likely to happen as Bitcoin gets more popular.

As always, do your own research on the gaming company and check reviews from others to see if they are legitimate. We have curated a list in the section below but as a disclaimer, these are not endorsements and we aren’t responsible for the companies if something goes wrong. 

Bear in mind, it will take time to build up a sat pile so this is not a “get-rich-quick” process and you will likely need to register with an exchange to claim your sats once you have redeemed them – check with the app for more information.

In time, we will independently review the games ourselves on TBM.

What Games Can I Play To Earn Bitcoin?

The table below shows a list of games we’ve seen that give the ability to earn Bitcoin in some way – if you know of any more or are developing your own Bitcoin game, feel free to contact us.

Some of the games below are available on mobile as an app or are PC games that are either free or paid for but as linking Bitcoin with gaming is a developing and new concept, some of the games may stop working or are in beta.

However, if you love gaming then why not get involved with the community and help support the games you love playing from new developers whilst spreading the good vibes with Bitcoin?

2140 – Zombie survival first person shooterAcemoisan
Alien Run – Runner platform game where you have to run across the screen and avoid obstaclesBitcoin Aliens
Amazeballs – Puzzle game where you create lines using different formations of ballsViker Games
Balls King – Brick breaking gameViker Games
Bitcoin Blast – Competitive Match-three game where you compete with other players onlineBling Financial
Bitcoin Blocks – Match-two gameBling Financial
Bitcoin Bounce – Platform game where you try to see how long you can bounce a ball along the blockchain forTHNDR
Bitcoin Food Fight – Knife-throwing game at foodBling Financial
Bitcoin Miner – A Mining simulation game for the mobileFumb Games & Zebedee
Bitcoin Pop – A bubble shooter gameBling Financial
Bitcoin Rally  Kart Racing Game like Mario KartZebedee, MintGox
Bitcoin Solitaire – Classic Solitaire with an upgradePlayDay Studios
Bitcoin Sudoku – Sudoku upgradedPlayDay Studios
Blockchain Game – Build your own blockchainBitcoin Aliens
Chess – Play chess and chess puzzlessMiles
Counter Strike: Global Offensive with Zebedee Infuse – First person shooter with tournaments to play for satsValve, Zebedee & MintGox
EscapeQR – Like Pacman, you are trapped in a maze except the maze is a lightning invoice QR code and you’re being hunted down by dirty fiat “ghosts”EscapeQR
Infinite Fleet  Massively Multiplayer Online strategy game set in space where you need to defend the planet from alien attackPixelmatic & Exordium Limited
Lightning Crush – Match-three game like Candy CrushMintgox & Zebedee
Lightning Strike  Tactical first person shooter where you try to destroy the enemy base with teammatesSatoshis Games
Lightning Swing  A bit like Wii Golf but you have one swing and compete against others to make the best shotBlock Algo
Lightnite  3rd Person Shooter Battle Royale styleSatoshi Games Inc
RollerCoin Online Bitcoin mining simulatorRollerCoin
Sarutobi  Slingshot game to sling a monkey as far as possible collecting coins on the wayMintGox & Zebedee
Satoshi Quiz  Free online quiz where you answer questions and get satsSatoshi Quiz
Satsss (Bitcoin Snake)  Bitcoin version of the classic Nokia game of SnakeTHNDR Games
Sats Stacker  Classic coin pushing game you get at the arcades (put a coin in, it falls down and pushes others out if you’re lucky)Mintgox & Zebedee
Satvival  First person survival game where you are in an open world with other players fighting for survival and satsSatoshis Games
Sugar Sats  Match-three game like Candy CrushSatoshis Games
Sweet Bitcoin  Match-three game like Candy CrushBling Financial
THNDR Bay A bubble shooter gameTHNDR
Turbo 84  A lane-changing car racing game where you try to reach max speed without crashingTHNDR
Wheel of Crypto – Quiz and trivia gameZebedee & Viker
Wheel of Trivia – Quiz and trivia gameZebedee & Viker
Word Breeze  Word puzzle game with different scenesPlayDay Studios
Zombie HODLer – 2D Platform shooter where you try to survive against a horde of ZombiesSatoshis Games

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