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The Bitcoin Manual is a passion project created by two morons, Che & Nicky, who fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole in 2016 (Che) and 2017 (Nicky). They met online through their respective blogs and shared a common goal of sharing their experiences about their ventures into Bitcoin. 

Despite their regrettable independent ventures into other sh*tcoins, Bitcoin inevitably pulled them back into line and they decided to team up to create The Bitcoin Manual in July 2021. 

We’ve decided to document our journey, share curated sources of bitcoin content with the goal of being the resource we would have wanted when we first started our journey of learning and to help others avoid certain traps that are prevalent in bitcoin and the wider digital asset space. 

If you’re looking for a signal among the sea noise, charts and Twitter shouting matches, then let us be your bitcoin sherpa, but don’t take our word on anything but use it as a jumping point to DYOR.

meet tbm team


Che Kohler TBM

Technical Orange Piller (TOP)

Thinking about it, it was your typical Bitcoin story, I heard about it in 2015 and brushed it off as a silly internet fad. Then got in around 2016 and saw my genius investment rocket up in the coming year.

I cashed out and thought I was a genius, then decided to take another gamble and rightfully got rekt, not knowing how these cycles work. I then felt sorry for myself, and went down the shitcoin road to try and gamble back my unrealised gains I once had. 

After reading pitch after pitch, white paper after white paper, drinking blockchain not Bitcoin kool-aid, I finally had enough. I started to see through the false promises and empty marketing gimmicks that are so prevalent in these altcoins.

It took me a while and in 2020 I became fully orange pilled and started to focus my time and energy on learning about Bitcoin. In that time I noticed there weren’t that many people talking about Bitcoin in a simple and easy to understand manner. 

So here we are, just two broke Bitcoiners trying to learn and teach others as we go along. 

Join us on our journey down the rabbit hole


Nicky Havey - TBM

Chief Orange Piller (COP)

It was actually 2012 when I first heard of BTC from an ex-banker at a temping job but I couldn’t find any good publications or easy way to get my grubby little hands on it. I was also at University so money was hard to come by at the best of times and put to one side and focused on my studies.

Fast forward to Xmas 2017 and after murmurings from my work colleagues about BTC, I decided to open up my interest in Bitcoin again and spoke to one of my friends on Facebook who showed me how to buy it and away I went!

Unfortunately, I was sucked in to so many different crypto projects in those first few months and my portfolio mostly evaporated in 2018.

Then BTC just started clicking with me in 2020 as I was reading and learning more, focusing on only a couple of projects instead of the scattergun approach. Covid hit, BTC crashed and I bought what I could.

As 2020 went on, Che and I started talking more about BTC and how we felt we were wasting time and energy on other projects. Then Che asked if I’d be up for creating an eBook with him about BTC, I was more than happy to jump on board with that as I had created many guides in the past.

And so, here were are with The Bitcoin Manual where we are having fun, sharing Bitcoin related blogs and seeing where this all leads to!



Design Orange Piller (DOP)

I’ve always been interested in the crypto world but never really took the needed time to learn how it all works.

I remember hearing about BTC when it was at the early stages of growth, but I didn’t buy any for the same reason that most are likely avoid it – the fear.

It was way too early to realise how much this would change people’s lives a few years later. So I also needed a few good years until I started learning the basics of this domain and gained more interest in it.

During this learning process, Nicky was always by my side, answering all the questions I had and finding answers together.

Even though my activity on “The Bitcoin Manual” is based on the Graphic Design part, I have absolute dedication and respect for this project. 

I hope it will reach more people who wrestled with the same problems I did when I started.  Join me on my Bitcoin journey, too, since I’m still learning about everything going on out there!

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