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If you’ve come this far, congratulations, we know the road to orange pilling is a long and winding road, that we all have to walk at our own pace. 

Now that you’ve learned about how Bitcoin works, how to custody Bitcoin and why you would want to own or use Bitcoin, your next step is to acquire some satoshis of your very own.

Buying Bitcoin comes in a host of forms, all depending on the size you would like to buy, how technically astute you are, or the jurisdiction you live in. 

If you are ready to jump in and get some skin in the game, check out some of your options below and take your first steps towards truly owning your purchasing power. 

buying Btc

Centralised Exchanges

Decentralised & P2P Exchanges

Buying Bitcoin on Lightning

Buying Bitcoin on Liquid

Buying Wrapped Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin in Your Country

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