Liquid Bitcoin or L-BTC is a separate token that is different from the main chain Bitcoin and runs on a separate blockchain known as the Liquid Network. The Liquid Network issues L-BTC based on Bitcoin locked in a multi-sig with one of their node operators. 

Main-chain Bitcoin can be pegged into the network and used as L-BTC and pegged out using any of the supporting exchanges and wallet services. 

To buy Liquid Bitcoin, you have to use an exchange that supports the chain and lists the asset with the ticker (L-BTC) and remember if you are going to custody L-BTC, you will need to use a wallet that is specifically designed to support Liquid Bitcoin or Peg out into main-chain Bitcoin first before sending it to a standard Bitcoin wallet. 

Buy Bitcoin on Liquid

How To Buy Liquid Bitcoin

If you’re ready to buy L-BTC you can source it via one of the following exchanges that support the Liquid Network

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