Liquid Wallet

The Liquid Network is a parallel blockchain/side-chain run by a federation of exchanges and Bitcoin supporting businesses. The Liquid Network blockchain, being a completely separate chain means it requires wallets that can interact with this chain and recognise the blocks produced by these node operators. 

If you’ve purchased L-BTC (Liquid Bitcoin) and would like to store it in a non-custodial manner, you will need to set up a separate wallet that supports L-BTC and Liquid Assets. 

Liquid Network wallets are similar to Bitcoin main chain wallets in that they also require you to set up your seed phrase tied to a private wallet that only you can access. 

Liquid Network-enabled wallets also allow you to access several features that the Liquid chain offers like atomic swaps, cheaper transactions and faster transfer of assets. 


Liquid Btc wallet

Bitcoin liquid wallet options

If you have L-BTC or looking to own some L-BTC but would like to store it in a wallet you control, then here are some options.

CoinosN/AWeb walletYes
GreeniOS/AndroidmacOS, WindowsNo
SideswapN/AWeb walletYes

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