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If you’re using the popular gateways of the internet in search engines like Google or Bing, or social media applications like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like, then you’ve probably had your daily fill of online ads. Many of us have become fed up with having ads forced on our faces whenever we view an article, scroll our feed, watch a video or play a freemium game. Despite a growing minority of people spinning up ad blockers and using more privacy-focused options, it has not stopped the online advertising industry from growing yearly.

According to reports by Statista, digital advertising spending worldwide amounted to US$ 521.02 billion in 2021, and the same sources projected that by 2026, the spending would reach US$ 876 billion, which is a pretty substantial market with the entire inventory being sold all being digital. So it makes total sense that digital programmable money would be a better method of paying for views, attention, clicks and encouraging orders online.

Having billions being traded online for our attention only for entities like Meta and Alphabet to take the lion’s share of that monetised attention is clearly a market ripe for disruption. If companies want to get our attention, why shouldn’t we get something in return for our time, our clicks and for the data we spend surfing online?

This is a question the team at Slice have been asking and are trying to put the theory into practice.

What is Slice?

Slice is a browser extension that allows users to monetise the time and attention they invest in internet browsing. Slice is the browsing standard that may become the norm in the future with the backing of micro-payments and the bitcoin network finally unlocking a practical way to reward people for actions online.

Slice allows users to generate a micro income while you continue to do the same things you do every day, search on search engines or browse sites and social media feeds. Slice is ready to take a piece of that multi-billion digital advertising pie and give you a share of the spoils.

Is Slice free to use?

Yes, Slice is a free-to-download browser extension, and it is free to sign up as a user who wants to earn bitcoin for having ads displayed in your browser.

If you are an advertiser or website looking to expand the reach of your ad campaigns or want to reward those who engage with your ads, you can purchase ad inventory via Slice on a CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions).

You can purchase campaigns on Slice and run them with one of three formats.

  • Native
  • Banner
  • Push notifications
Ad types served via Slice

How does Slice work?

Users of Slice Earn an additional income simply by browsing with the Slice extension enabled; remove it anytime, with no strings attached.

Install Slice

  1. Head to and add the extension to your browser
  2. Click on the extension icon and select Connect the extension to activate it
  3. Copy the numbers from the Slice Dashboard to the extension

When you get the extension installed and activated, it’s time to start collecting Slices. Slices are the extension’s native currency you gain every time you see an ad. Once you collect a bunch of Slices, which will be tracked in your wallet, you can later exchange them for bitcoin and withdraw them to a wallet of your choice.

What can you do with Slice?

Slice looks to take the idea covered by Brave browser, but instead of using a convoluted tokenisation system that alienates people and either forces you to use various blockchains or a KYC exchange, Slice makes it so much easier by using Lightning.

Removing the complexity theatre of a token streamlines the app and allows Slice to focus on improving the product rather than trying to pump their token price. While they have a native currency within the app known as Slices, it is not a tradable token but rather a method to manage the volatility of bitcoin.

Earn across websites

Slice is not a static platform that depends on traffic. Our users browse the internet while Slice displays ads on pages they visit, automatically earning everyone a fair share of the internet economy. So far, we’ve noticed Slice ads on Google, Bing, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Reddit and even Wikipedia.

Since it’s a browser-based extension, in theory, this service could be rolled out on other popular content creator platforms and sites such as Medium, Substack and WordPress.

Customise the way you surf

As a Slice user, you take control of the ads you see, and you can keep it modest so as not to annoy you or overclock your settings. You decide how much you want to earn.

Level up your rewards

Slice is not only a passive app that runs in the background, but you will also find promotions inside the extension. Complete side quests to earn rewards and boost your profits. Finish your weekly and monthly streaks to unlock crazy earning modes.

Support a creator

If you’re earning revenue on Slice, you might want to keep some to tip your favourite content creators; instead of having to load up cash to send your favourite creators tips, you can use your Slice earnings instead and share the ad revenue with your favourite streamers.

So far, this feature only seems to work with Twitch, but hopefully, we will see it rolled out to other video hosting sites, podcasting sites and even blogging sites.

How do I withdraw my funds from Slice?

The Slice application is a custodial service, so any funds you earn in there are retained by them until you withdraw them to your wallet.

Once you’ve earned enough Slices, you can convert them into an amount of bitcoin

  1. Open the Slice menu by clicking on its icon
  2. Select the Withdraw option, and the Slice Dashboard will open
  3. Head to Payout and choose your method
  4. Use your LN-URL, ZBD Gamer Tag or Lightning Address and withdraw the funds to your preferred Lightning Wallet.

Payouts are currently available via the bitcoin Lightning network and PayPal. Slice is also looking to integrate more payout methods, including gift cards. Note that if you do withdraw via PayPal, you will need to pay the transfer fees, which is around 4%, while the bitcoin Lightning network fees are covered by Slice because they’re so marginal.

Get the app

There you have it, another tool you can use to improve your Lightning experience and earn a little extra bitcoin or seed a Lightning wallet to play around with the technology without committing capital. If you’re new to the Lightning Network and you’re only getting started with your wallet and all the things you can and should do, it can be overwhelming but take your time to learn more about how transactions work and why you would want it the benefits of Lightning versus traditional payment methods.


If you would like to learn more about Slice and dive down the rabbit hole, then we recommend checking out the following resources.

Are you a bitcoin and lightning fan?

Have you been using Lightning to make micro-payments? Stream sats or engage with apps? Which app is your favourite? Have you tried all the forms of Lightning payments? Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments down below.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. It is for educational and entertainment purposes only. As of the time posting, the writers may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency, as all investments contain risk. All opinions expressed in these articles are my own and are in no way a reflection of the opinions of The Bitcoin Manual

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