What Is A Sidecar Channel?

side car channels in LN

The Lightning Network is a peer-to-peer payment system that requires you to establish a connection with one other network user, in this case, a Lightning node. You would create a channel between yourself and another Lightning user, and this channel, backed by an on-chain UTXO, allows you to move funds between the two of you […]

Bitcoin App: Apollo

Apollo bitcoin app

Review portals are sites that collect opinions from customers and publish them for others to leverage when gauging a brand or business’s reputation. The principle is based on curating the wisdom of the crowd and ensuring reviews of products, services or companies can provide value even with paid reviews, biased reviews and brand management teams […]

What Is Faraday?

LND faraday explained

Bitcoin allows you to become your own bank, you custody your funds, you are the only one that can proof ownership, and you’re the only one that can move the funds. It’s a revolutionary way to manage your wealth, and we’re still getting to grips with it. While the bitcoin base-chain lays the foundation for […]

What Is A Point Time Lock Contract?

Point Time Lock Contract

After the scaling debate for bitcoin has settled on the idea of side chains and parallel protocols, we’ve seen the emergence of alternative networks where bitcoin can operate without the constraints of the base chain; of these new environments, none more popular than the Lightning network. Known as a bitcoin “second layer” because most of […]

What Is The Lightning Developer Kit?

Lightning Developer Kit Explained

Building out a payments infrastructure that doesn’t rely on the centralised banking system, can be used anywhere in the world, added to any internet-connected device is a hard problem to fix. No single company has been able to succeed, and it doesn’t look like it ever will. Instead, we would need a reliable network that […]

Bitcoin App: Lightning Loop

Lightning Loop

The Lightning Network has been a welcomed addition to the bitcoin stack as a method of moving transactions off-chain without having double spend issues and helps scale the network. Lightning provides fast and cheap transactions by moving bitcoin between parties through its protocol rules. Think of the bitcoin base-chain as a train; all transactions get […]

How To Open A Bitcoin Lightning Channel?

open a lightning channel

The Lightning Network is a second-layer protocol designed to enable off-chain Bitcoin transactions, which are not recorded on the blockchain. By skipping the need to confirm every transaction and settling between channel partners, you remove the restrictions of the base chain, which gives the Lighting Network the ability to route payments faster and cheaper. The Lightning Network […]

How To Close A Lightning Channel?

closing a LN channel

The Lightning Network is a second-layer solution that lives on top of the bitcoin network, designed to facilitate faster transactions by removing the need to confirm all transfers of funds through proof of work on the base chain. The way funds are moved through the Lightning network is by locking up bitcoin in a hashed […]

What Is Pear Credit?

What is pear credit?

It seems as if Food Finance, the trend of naming protocols and services after food, is finally coming to bitcoin, and it may trigger some bitcoiners, because of the PTSD coming from the food-named protocols that have blown up in the wider “DEFI sector”. Tether, the company behind the world’s largest stablecoin USDT, has, together […]

What Is A PayJoin?

btc payjoin

Bitcoin runs on an open public ledger that anyone with the know-how can gain access to; the average person can track any bitcoin public address or transaction ID using a hosted block explorer or via their bitcoin full node. Those who want more in-depth monitoring can, in theory, pull this data into a database and […]