What Is A Social Recovery Wallet?

Bitcoin social recovery wallet

As Bitcoin and blockchain technology continue to gain popularity, this new way of managing money and interacting with apps and each other online brings a new set of concerns. If you’re interacting with Bitcoiners or apps that support Bitcoin, you will need a wallet to send, receive and manage your funds.  Some services try to […]

Where To Find Bitcoin Stats

Source Bitcoin Stats

In the world of finance and investment, information is gold or, in this case, should we say, digital gold. This holds especially true when delving into the realm of Bitcoin – a realm defined by intricate complexities and powerful potentials. Whether born of personal curiosity or anchored in an investment thesis, sourcing and analysing data […]

What Is A TapSigner?

Tapsigner Explained

If you’re a Bitcoin user, you’re probably familiar with the challenges of securing your satoshis. You obviously do not want to leave it with a third-party custodian, where you risk losing your funds and only have permissioned access to that Bitcoin. Ideally, you want to take control of those funds by using a wallet that […]

What Are Nostr Marketplace Clients?

Nostr marketplaces explained

Social media allows us to connect with friends, family and even strangers with common interests. As more people began to congregate on these websites, brands and marketers like me took it upon ourselves to ensure that social media users couldn’t simply have fun; users had to also see ads and be strategically prompted to buy […]

What Is Floresta?

Floresta UXTREEO

Bitcoin’s core value proposition is decentralisation, where no one has superior power over the network, and anyone can connect directly to it with a very low barrier to entry. To use bitcoin, all you need is software, you could run a simple set up with a bitcoin wallet and node all running on an old […]

What Is Orange Washing?

Btc orange washing

As a newcomer to the world of bitcoin, you are facing an uphill battle to hold on to your sanity and any bitcoin you acquire. Since there is no central authority regulating the market, there are plenty of online scammers and opportunists looking to take advantage of novice investors and unsuspecting buyers. If you choose […]

How Big Is The Bitcoin Blockchain?

How large is the bitcoin blockchain

The bitcoin blockchain is the foundation for its decentralised and immutable nature, which allows anyone to participate in validating the rules and transaction history of the network. The blockchain or time chain is a distributed, public ledger that contains the history of every bitcoin transaction since the genesis block. The blockchain can be inspected to […]

Buy Bitcoin With An FNB eWallet

FNB e Wallet

It’s no secret that your Rands aren’t going as far as they used to. Despite interest rates from savings accounts and government bonds, very few South Africans can admit to not feeling the pinch when it comes to their spending and maintaining a certain standard of living year after year. The purchasing power of the […]

What Is Erlay?

Bitcoin Erlay explained

Over the last decade, bitcoin has grown from an obscure alternative currency into a burgeoning asset class worth multiple billions, even touching as high as 1 trillion US dollars in market cap at one point. A network that holds that level of purchasing power and clears billion in transactions each month will have to face […]

What Are Zero-Knowledge Proofs?

ZK proofs explained

The bitcoin network we know and use today brings to the table a lot of unique properties you won’t find in other payment networks. It is the first and only decentralised network that is fully verifiable with very little computing power needed to do so, but with that comes a trade-off. Bitcoin can only process […]

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