What Is Orange Washing?

Btc orange washing

As a newcomer to the world of bitcoin, you are facing an uphill battle to hold on to your sanity and any bitcoin you acquire. Since there is no central authority regulating the market, there are plenty of online scammers and opportunists looking to take advantage of novice investors and unsuspecting buyers. If you choose […]

How Big Is The Bitcoin Blockchain?

How large is the bitcoin blockchain

The bitcoin blockchain is the foundation for its decentralised and immutable nature, which allows anyone to participate in validating the rules and transaction history of the network. The blockchain or time chain is a distributed, public ledger that contains the history of every bitcoin transaction since the genesis block. The blockchain can be inspected to […]

Buy Bitcoin With An FNB eWallet

FNB e Wallet

It’s no secret that your Rands aren’t going as far as they used to. Despite interest rates from savings accounts and government bonds, very few South Africans can admit to not feeling the pinch when it comes to their spending and maintaining a certain standard of living year after year. The purchasing power of the […]

What Is Erlay?

Bitcoin Erlay explained

Over the last decade, bitcoin has grown from an obscure alternative currency into a burgeoning asset class worth multiple billions, even touching as high as 1 trillion US dollars in market cap at one point. A network that holds that level of purchasing power and clears billion in transactions each month will have to face […]

What Are Zero-Knowledge Proofs?

ZK proofs explained

The bitcoin network we know and use today brings to the table a lot of unique properties you won’t find in other payment networks. It is the first and only decentralised network that is fully verifiable with very little computing power needed to do so, but with that comes a trade-off. Bitcoin can only process […]

What Is A Bitcoin Deleveraging?

Btc deleveraging

During bitcoin’s last 13 years, we’ve seen three bull markets; these short stints attract a new cohort of investors looking to make money off the repricing of bitcoin. In bull markets, you’ll find the market awash with liquidity; private equity deals get done, bids for mining equipment exceed the ability to produce, second-hand bitcoin mining […]

What Are Optimistic Rollups?

optimistic roll ups explained

Scaling the bitcoin blockchain was never going to be nor intended to be a once of solve or one solution, but rather a combination of different trade-offs. The Liquid Network and Lightning Network are the first publicly available attempts to move transactions off-chain and reduce the need for on-chain block space. The bitcoin time chain […]

Why The Bitcoin Price Differs Across Exchanges?

Bitcoin price differs on exchanges

The price of bitcoin tends to take up most of the discussion and attention, especially with those new to the asset, and some even become obsessed with it. Riding the highs and lows that are bitcoin volatility can be an emotional rollercoaster, and becoming a constant price checker won’t help your situation. If you have […]

What Are Wumbo Lightning Channels?

Wumbo LN channels explained

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network has reached significant milestones as it continues to provide bitcoin users with a scaling method ideal for micropayments and programmable payments. The lifeblood of the Lightning network is the amount of channels and the size of channels, all working in unison to create a mesh network to settle payments instantly. As more […]

What Is A Bitcoin Off-Chain Transaction?

Btc offchain transaction explained

Bitcoin uses a blockchain as a method of recording all transactions; this distributed ledger is held in consensus by thousands of nodes run by individuals and institutions across the globe. All bitcoin can be viewed on the blockchain, along with the public addresses that hold them and transaction history. All Bitcoin transactions recorded on the […]