What Is A Bitcoin Deleveraging?

Btc deleveraging

During bitcoin’s last 13 years, we’ve seen three bull markets; these short stints attract a new cohort of investors looking to make money off the repricing of bitcoin. In bull markets, you’ll find the market awash with liquidity; private equity deals get done, bids for mining equipment exceed the ability to produce, second-hand bitcoin mining […]

What Are Optimistic Rollups?

optimistic roll ups explained

Scaling the bitcoin blockchain was never going to be nor intended to be a once of solve or one solution, but rather a combination of different trade-offs. The Liquid Network and Lightning Network are the first publicly available attempts to move transactions off-chain and reduce the need for on-chain block space. The bitcoin time chain […]

Why The Bitcoin Price Differs Across Exchanges?

Bitcoin price differs on exchanges

The price of bitcoin tends to take up most of the discussion and attention, especially with those new to the asset, and some even become obsessed with it. Riding the highs and lows that are bitcoin volatility can be an emotional rollercoaster, and becoming a constant price checker won’t help your situation. If you have […]

What Are Wumbo Lightning Channels?

Wumbo LN channels explained

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network has reached significant milestones as it continues to provide bitcoin users with a scaling method ideal for micropayments and programmable payments. The lifeblood of the Lightning network is the amount of channels and the size of channels, all working in unison to create a mesh network to settle payments instantly. As more […]

What Is A Bitcoin Off-Chain Transaction?

Btc offchain transaction explained

Bitcoin uses a blockchain as a method of recording all transactions; this distributed ledger is held in consensus by thousands of nodes run by individuals and institutions across the globe. All bitcoin can be viewed on the blockchain, along with the public addresses that hold them and transaction history. All Bitcoin transactions recorded on the […]

Why Bitcoin Miners Fail

why bitcoin mining operations fail

The bitcoin mining business is not a get-rich-quick scheme that involves plugging in a magic money printer machine; it’s a worldwide competition to provide security for the network and, in return, hope to secure a reward for your contribution. It’s a race against time every 10 minutes and is ruthlessly capitalistic, with no bailouts; if […]

Why Wrapped Bitcoin Can Depeg?

Why Wrapped BTC can depeg

Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) is a bitcoin voucher or promissory note that can be generated by submitting bitcoin to a custodian or smart contract bridge. Once the custodian or smart contract receives real bitcoin in an address they control, they will issue a wrapped bitcoin token to be used within another blockchain ecosystem of your choice. […]

What Is A Green Bitcoin Miner?

Green bitcoin miners

Bitcoin mining requires increasing amounts of energy to power the computers that verify and record secured transactions on the time chain. Miners are on a mission to constantly source the cheapest forms of energy and the most reliable to keep their rigs running 24 hours a day. In some cases, this energy may come from […]

The Dangers Of Holding Wrapped Bitcoin

Wrapped BTC risks

The emergence of so-called¬†decentralised finance¬†(DeFi) has promised endless opportunities, financial inclusion and access to institutional-grade financial products but one problem with DeFi is the lack of a pristine asset. The incompatibility of using bitcoin on other chains where DeFi limits the growth, the use and the value that can be attracted into those ecosystems. Instead […]

What Is The Bitcoin Float?

What is the bitcoin float?

When Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator or creators behind bitcoin, designed the world’s first digital bearer asset, they wanted no ambiguity surrounding the supply or the insurance. The bitcoin network’s maximum supply was meant to mimic the finite quantity of physical commodities, which would see demand hit an ever-decreasing supply. The maximum number of bitcoin […]

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