Bitcoin App: Apollo

Apollo bitcoin app

Review portals are sites that collect opinions from customers and publish them for others to leverage when gauging a brand or business’s reputation. The principle is based on curating the wisdom of the crowd and ensuring reviews of products, services or companies can provide value even with paid reviews, biased reviews and brand management teams […]

What Is A Point Time Lock Contract?

Point Time Lock Contract

After the scaling debate for bitcoin has settled on the idea of side chains and parallel protocols, we’ve seen the emergence of alternative networks where bitcoin can operate without the constraints of the base chain; of these new environments, none more popular than the Lightning network. Known as a bitcoin “second layer” because most of […]

What Are Slashtags?

Slashtags explained

The bitcoin network has brought self-custody and self-sovereignty to money, should you choose to hold and spend your bitcoin using your own infrastructure. Once you set up a bitcoin node and connect it to a wallet, no one stands between you and broadcasting transactions directly to the network. The concept of taking control of your […]

Bitcoin App: Lightning Gifts

Btc app Lightning Gifts

Getting your friends, family, customers or strangers at a dinner party into bitcoin through sheer orange pilling is a tough task. Despite how good your arguments might be, normies have to see it in action to believe it, and rightly they should. When it comes to bitcoin, you “don’t trust, you verify” so what better […]

How Bitcoin Could Solve The Streaming Wars

btc solve streaming wars

The internet has changed how we consume media; if you consider two to three decades ago, before high-speed bandwidth, if you wanted to watch a movie in the comfort of your home, you would need a VCR, BetaMax Player, DVD player or Blu-Ray player. Once you had the equipment to decode the information, you still […]

Bitcoin App: Slice

BTC app Slice

If you’re using the popular gateways of the internet in search engines like Google or Bing, or social media applications like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like, then you’ve probably had your daily fill of online ads. Many of us have become fed up with having ads forced on our faces whenever we view an […]

Bitcoin App:

BTC app LNshort it

Getting people attention online is hard enough, with newsfeeds continuing to be slammed with content and trying to convince people to click on a long, jumbled link is not an easy sell. People spend very little time looking at posts in their feed, and if your post isn’t as clean and attention-grabbing as possible, you’ll […]

What Is Magma by Amboss?

Magma by Amboss explained

The Lightning Network is a second-layer protocol created to scale bitcoin payments by creating a web of payment channels that settle balances with one another instead of on the bitcoin blockchain. Every payment channel you create is based on a bitcoin UTXO locked up with a hashed time lock contract, and as users create different […]

Bitcoin App: Silent Link

Silent link app review

The world of digital communications is filled with centralised points of failure and surveillance tech at every corner. When it comes to an email, we have privacy options, or the extreme option would be to run a mail server of your own. When it comes to instant messaging there are privacy tools that range in […]

Bitcoin App: StakWork

Stakwork app review

Bitcoin is money for the internet; its programmable nature unlocks potential monetisation opportunities and efficiency at scale. Imagine a future where you could send out a task and have 100 or 1000 people have a look at it and complete it for you, and you pay them for the 5 – 10 minutes they took […]