Bitcoin Gaming: Bitcoin Blocks

Bitcoin Gaming - Bitcoin Blocks - The Bitcoin Manual

Puzzles were always a popular way to help pass the time and keep the brain busy but as modern technology has advanced, there has been an explosion of games brought to us through our smartphones. With an ever-increasing assortment to choose from at the touch of a button, all with addictive animations and flashing buttons, […]

Bitcoin Gaming: Club Bitcoin: Solitaire

With so much convenience at our fingertips via our smartphones, there’s every temptation to procrastinate until the end of time. Prior to smartphones though, the lonely person would kill time by whipping out their deck of cards and sharpen their mental skills. Legend has it that in the late 1700s, those crazy Scandinavians invented something […]

Bitcoin Gaming: Sats-Man

If ever there was an era of gaming that is primed and ready to have Bitcoin integrated into it via the lightning network, then it’s the classic arcade games from a bygone era. A period of time when the digital gaming landscape was first being crafted. Back then, these 8-bit classics were built with nothing […]

Bitcoin Gaming: LNBingo

Bitcoin Gaming LNBingo

One of the many “in real life” games that has been converted to a digital format is the classic gambler’s delight of Bingo. Growing up, I tended to stay away from it as I associated Bingo with the more senior citizens of the world in those old style grand halls, where the announcer had a […]

Why Play To Earn Games Are Better With Bitcoin

P2E games with bitcoin

Gaming has grown as an entertainment medium as technology has improved, we’ve moved from arcade games to computers and home console gaming, and once smartphones and tablets came out, mobile gaming was born. Gaming transformed from a niche interest to a global industry worth billions as even more people started gaming on their daily commutes […]

Bitcoin Gaming: Bitcoin Miner (Simulator)

Mobile gaming is big business and is set to grow even more as time goes on with close to 2.7 billion of us wasting time on these devices. However, with the advent of Bitcoin and the lightning network, the gaming industry is starting to be turned on its head as players can now be rewarded […]

Bitcoin Gaming: EscapeQR

Even though the lightning network is a relatively new area of Bitcoin development, it has been steadily growing and enables fast and very low fee transactions between different wallets, which is ideal for tipping gamers, livestreamers, even your favourite musicians. This is all part of Bitcoin’s scaling solution where the strong foundation of the main […]

Bitcoin Gaming: Wheel of Crypto

Wheel of crypto bitcoin game

Ever since the lightning network first came on to the scene in a draft paper in 2016, it’s opened the door for faster, smaller and low fee Bitcoin transactions compared to just using Bitcoin’s mainchain. With that potential slowly but surely beginning to be recognised, we’ve been witnessing the development of several Bitcoin apps by […]

Zebedee App Opens Up Bitcoin Gaming Universe

Ever since I’ve jumped in to the Bitcoin Gaming rabbit hole, I’ve been inspired at how much work is going in to orange-pilling anyone who loves spending a bit of time playing mobile games! It’s a huge market to tap in to after all, with an estimated $93 billion in revenue provided by around 3 […]

Bitcoin Gaming: Satsss (Bitcoin Snake)

I’m going to sound like a boomer now but “back in my day” when mobile phones first came about, they were limited in capacity. You could generally just make telephone calls and send SMS (that’s text messages), with the phone and the SIM card could only store 10 messages before you ran out of memory! […]

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