How To Deal With Cloud Server Consciousness

Cloud server thinking

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Once you move towards the Bitcoin standard and the concepts plebs preach start to click for you, it’s pretty hard to contain your excitement and your enthusiasm for the movement. I don’t blame anyone who wants to shout “Bitcoin” from the top of a mountain or across the lightning network as they test VOIP over lightning. Bitcoin means different things to different people; for some hodlers, it’s a chance to build wealth, a chance to rebuild, to correct the mistakes of old, a bit of hope in a world that seems to be in short supply of it.

When you start sharing your views on Bitcoin with your normie friends and shitcoiner family, you’ll probably get some pushback at first. It’s hard to take; I know at least it was for me and those I’ve come across who have walked the path of the Bitcoiner.

You may have spent hours researching Bitcoin, learning from various videos, books, articles and discussions, I know it’s a fascinating trip, and you learn something new every day. To have all that learning dismissed with some simple answer like it boils the oceans, or they’ll regulate it and hack it can seem like a slap in the face. 

Someone who didn’t bother to read the entire article on some news site is trying to dismiss something you’re passionate about; I get that can trigger you; it did for me too, initially. 

I couldn’t understand why my nocoiner friends and family were so opposed to the thought of Bitcoin. Why they are not curious about what it is or how it works, and why they have no interest in something that would benefit their lives. 

Not all normies are the same.

As Bitcoiners have their spectrum, so too do normies; some may be predisposed to hating it, some are indifferent, and others may be open to listening. As a Bitcoiner, you need to consider this when speaking to them and don’t try the spray and pray HFSTP you’re NGMI attitude with everyone. Sure some will need that kind of treatment, but others will come around at the time of their choosing. 

There will be a figure Bitcoin hits that will motivate them to start learning about this finally; in that regard, Bitcoin is far distributed as we all get the price we deserve. 

I was running my mouth too much to listen.

When you’re on a Bitcoin standard, you tend to forget others have not made the specific commitment to learning, and you tend to make assumptions that they should understand this, even if it took you ages. Your nocoiner shell has long been shed, and you probably can’t remember what it was like to think as a fiat junkie. 

I know this was the case for me and As I tried to preach about Bitcoin and received resistance continued to argue my way to nowhere with most of them. I have managed to orange pill a few people in my lifetime, but they are a minority, and the rest seemed like wasted energy I could have put into other endeavours, hence the launch of this blog.

Cloud server consciousness.

This isn’t a case only related to Bitcoin, but to people in general, critical thinking skills and reasoning from first principles aren’t promoted in society. The schooling system conditioned us to become sponges, to absorb information but never to question it, to consider learnings absolute and never consider the nuance. To never ask why but only learn to repeat things verbatim as if we came to that conclusion with our reasoning skills. 

It’s like packaged intellect; heat it in the microwave and serve; it may be devoid of nutrients, but it does the job of making your brain feel full; these cookie-cutter thoughts are the way fiat junkies operate. I know this can sound mean, but this is my account of my interactions.

Now, if you consider the foundations of most peoples learning skills, you can understand why there are so susceptible to clickbait content that is easy to digest, requires no further investigation, nicely packaged up for you to regurgitate when needed. 

No added insight is needed.

As we’re constantly plugged in via TV, internet and social media, you’ll notice that to make it through the noise; you have to provide a simple packaged message people can digest. The way I see it, these media outlets and content creators are dumping bite-sized pieces of information on a cloud server like Dropbox, and your friends and family all tap into it to grab a packaged thought they could reuse as their own.

When you’re speaking to these friends and family members, I implore you not to take it personally; these aren’t their thoughts; it’s simply a version of the world they can default to as easy as possible and achieve a sort of consensus on a subject without having to think critically.

They are looking for the simplest way to solve the problem in front of them and repeating the information from their prefered thought cloud provider.

Disrupting the connection to the cloud server 

Like Morpheus would say, most people aren’t ready to be unplugged; they are so hopelessly dependant on the system that they will fight to protect it. They don’t want their view of the world challenged; Bitcoin isn’t only a new form of money; since money is so ingrained in the way we live and incentives set up, it changes everything. The way we work, the way we think, the way we value our time, goods and services, and so much more. 

Bitcoin is a brand new paradigm, it’s a software upgrade for your mind, and some people’s minds sadly don’t have the bandwidth to accept the upgrade while others lack the will to update their thinking. 

Hitting these firewalls, they’ve set up for themselves can be frustrating for you. Still, when you react unfavourably, you flag the content as contentious and discourage them from learning or feeding that curiosity. 

Instead of trying to brute force your way in, focus on your stacking, concentrate on your learning and be ready when they come to you. When they see you’ve not changed your mind when they see the price keeps rising, when they see others start to move towards a Bitcoin standard, they’ll seek out sources of information they can trust. 

As a Bitcoiner, you need to teach them that this was their first mistake, we don’t trust, we verify and then show them the path to Bitcoin and let them take each step by themselves the same way you did.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. It is for educational and entertainment purposes only. As of the time posting, the writers may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency, as all investments contain risk. All opinions expressed in these articles are my own and are in no way a reflection of the opinions of The Bitcoin Manual

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  1. Well said mate, it can be energy draining when one of our peers picks up a headline from a cookie cutter article from mainstream media that says “Oh, Bitcoin hack happened, bad” and you’re like, no, Bitcoin wasn’t hacked, someone was careless with their money… again! You just have to carry on, keep the stack going and stay on top of any developments on the tech. The protocol is still the same as it was (minus upgrades), it’s just amazing how the narrative around it changes so much – wonders never cease! Little by little, more people will start to work their way in, wonder what the tipping point will be…

    1. I think some people need more touches with Bitcoin than others, I think the early adopters needed between 2 – 4 touches before they got in some will need a lot more, some also will NEVER be able to adjust their mental model and will be left behind, others feel safety in the crowd and when the crowd moves they do.

      It always tends to be the stubborn ones that push society forward so I don’t feel too bad about it, hence my blogging I put it out there for others to find the content if they WANT to learn and not forcing it on them, BTC is a voluntary system no sense in forcing it on people.

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