Why Does Money Creation Require A Cost?

money creation requirements

To verify transactions, bitcoin mining computers are required to solve ever more complex math problems and the first one to provide the correct hash gets to secure a new block to the network. This is the proof of work consensus mechanism that underpins the network. When Satoshi mined the first few blocks, miners were relatively […]

What Are The Biggest Publicly Known Bitcoin Losses?

Biggest bitcoin losses in history

The news of FTX’s dramatic rise and fall has so many moving parts, but its balance sheet has to be the be-all and end-all, the only source of truth we can look to once all the dust settles. It tells the story of the misappropriation of customer funds and the result of focusing on financial […]

What Is Bitcoin Price Manipulation?

BTC price manipulation

Once you step into the bitcoin market, you’ll have to deal with volatility; everyday buyers and sellers meet on markets worldwide, buying and selling the asset. Every day, supply and demand meet one another, and they settle on a current trading price because there are so many different actors involved, all with different motivations, and […]

Where Does Bitcoin Interest Come From?

Where bitcoin interest come from?

In a world of high inflation, low-interest rates and falling wages, more people are forced further out of the risk curve. If you’re simply saving in cash or holding it in an interest-bearing bank account, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not getting you very far. While the nominal figure does increase year on year, the […]

What Is The Lightning Developer Kit?

Lightning Developer Kit Explained

Building out a payments infrastructure that doesn’t rely on the centralised banking system, can be used anywhere in the world, added to any internet-connected device is a hard problem to fix. No single company has been able to succeed, and it doesn’t look like it ever will. Instead, we would need a reliable network that […]

Bitcoin And Creative Destruction

Creative destruction in Bitcoin

In life, we’re all taught through our experiences; if we do something constructive, we receive a positive outcome, a reward. Something that reinforces the behaviour and encourages us to repeat it and secure that carrot. On the opposite side is the stick. If we do something destructive, we receive a negative outcome. We get burned. […]

9 Reasons Why You Want To Mine Bitcoin At Home

reasons to mine bitcoin at home

If you’ve heard about bitcoin, you probably already know that to acquire some, you either need to purchase it from someone or mine them yourself. The concept of “creating” bitcoins from your computer by providing security to the network through the conversion of electricity into hash rate has become a booming industry over the last […]

Bitcoin App: SatsPay

Bitcoin App Sats Pay

Bitcoin payments on the Lightning network are built for speed, but using the service is not as intuitive for the masses; despite huge improvements in UX and wallets doing great work onboarding users, the process is still rather clunky. For example, if you would like to request a payment from a user, you would need […]

Why Exchanges Keep Listing Shitcoins

Why exchanges list shitcoins

The launch of the first digital-only peer-to-peer currency is a revolutionary idea, and with every innovation, it will rub some the wrong way, which is evident in the divisiveness in the sentiment around bitcoin. Some people like myself love it and see it as the foundation for a new healthy monetary ecosystem, while others see […]

What Is BiFrost?

BTC bifrost

One of the most common critiques of bitcoin is that it is old technology. It’s the “boomer coin”; it can’t do smart contracts or whatever weird and wonderful tech jargon or acronym the crypto space comes up with to drive their next round of investment narratives. Those who critique bitcoin solely on a tech play […]