Bitcoin Gaming: Bitcoin Miner (Simulator)

Mobile gaming is big business and is set to grow even more as time goes on with close to 2.7 billion of us wasting time on these devices. However, with the advent of Bitcoin and the lightning network, the gaming industry is starting to be turned on its head as players can now be rewarded […]

Bitcoin Gaming: Wheel of Crypto

Wheel of crypto bitcoin game

Ever since the lightning network first came on to the scene in a draft paper in 2016, it’s opened the door for faster, smaller and low fee Bitcoin transactions compared to just using Bitcoin’s mainchain. With that potential slowly but surely beginning to be recognised, we’ve been witnessing the development of several Bitcoin apps by […]

Zebedee App Opens Up Bitcoin Gaming Universe

Ever since I’ve jumped in to the Bitcoin Gaming rabbit hole, I’ve been inspired at how much work is going in to orange-pilling anyone who loves spending a bit of time playing mobile games! It’s a huge market to tap in to after all, with an estimated $93 billion in revenue provided by around 3 […]

Bitcoin Gaming: Satsss (Bitcoin Snake)

I’m going to sound like a boomer now but “back in my day” when mobile phones first came about, they were limited in capacity. You could generally just make telephone calls and send SMS (that’s text messages), with the phone and the SIM card could only store 10 messages before you ran out of memory! […]

Bitcoin Gaming: Lightning Crush

Picture the scene. You’re at your day job or you’ve made it through another day of a morale testing session of fiat mining. You need to unwind and distract yourself with a quick match-3 game of something on your smartphone. But wait, what? That Candy Crush game you’ve been playing all this time hasn’t given […]

Bitcoin Gaming: SaruTobi

Bitcoin games Sarutobi

With the mobile gaming industry booming over the last 24 months, there seems to be an endless choice of games providing a way to pass some time and keeping your brain trained. Sadly though, although these games may be fun to play, they don’t give you much back financially for your time. If anything, they […]

Bitcoin Gaming: Turbo ’84

Mobile gaming isn’t something that I thought I’d be getting back in to having spent a bit more time offline these last 12 months. Having said that, there were periods where I’d have long spells of being glued to the screen, sucked in by the dopamine hitting button animations of these mobile games. However, when […]

Bitcoin Gaming: Bitcoin Bounce

Ah gaming, one of my favourite past times. Some would say that spending so much time in my youth on it was “misspent”. I’d argue that it helped develop my logical thinking skills along with several other health benefits personally but to each their own! However, with developments set to continue on Bitcoin’s lightning network, […]

Bitcoin Gaming: THNDR Bay

Mobile gaming is big business with its value estimated at $180 billion in 2021. Over the last couple of years, lockdowns with the pandemic have more than likely facilitated the move towards mobile gaming and this trend is likely to continue in 2022. However, a lot of these traditional games take a lot more than […]

Can You Earn Bitcoin From Gaming?

I’ve always had a soft spot for gaming. It formed such a big part of my childhood when the first console we had was the Atari 2600 with Zelda and Centipede. As time went on, we moved to the world of Nintendo with the SNES, being engrossed with Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and we even […]