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Bitcoin gift guide

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As Bitcoin becomes more of a mainstream talking point and starts to assimilate into popular culture, we’ve seen the brand morph into a powerful message, one that’s always going to be commercialised by the gifting industry. If there’s something people love, you can be sure a gift guide will soon follow.

As the holiday season, fast approaches, friends and family of Bitcoin enthusiasts are often found asking themselves,

“What the hell is Bitcoin, and what am I supposed to buy this person?!”.

As Bitcoiners ourselves, and ones who actively try to orange pill others, we know the feeling. So, to avoid you having to ask or troll the web for answers, we’ve broken down some of the best Bitcoin bitcoin gift ideas.

A hardware wallet

A cold storage device is a must-have for any Bitcoin enthusiast who has invested more than pocket change, or it could be the gift that encourages them to take a more significant position. 

We’ll let you play that one however you like, 🙂

Protecting your Bitcoin and taking self custody is an integral part of the journey and having hardware wallets is a right of passage for many new Bitcoiners. 

There are several options to choose from, and which wallet works best depends on the individual. The Trezor, Cold Card, and Ledger hardware wallets are perhaps the most vetted, most widely recognised and longest-standing options out there. 

A cautionary tale: There are some fraudulent vendors out there, so be sure to purchase hardware wallets directly from the company or via an authorised third party and not second hand. You don’t want to give your loved ones the gift of a security exploit, now do you?

A full node

If they already have a hardware wallet, the next step would always be to get them a node. A bitcoin full node is a specialised computer that can be used to validate the Bitcoin blockchain and its rules. There are over 100 000 currently running to support the decentralisation of the protocal, and more are always welcome. 

A node helps provide you with more security since you run your copy of the Bitcoin software and confirm that no funny business is going on on-chain.

As we say in Bitcoin, “not your node, not your rules.”

If they are pretty tech-savvy, you can always purchase the various parts needed to build a node and provide them with the kit to set it up themselves. 

If you’re unsure of what parts to buy or don’t have access to certain parts in your country or region, then You can reach out to companies like:

  • Umbrel
  • Casa
  • RaspiBlitz
  • Nodl

These companies specialise in Bitcoin nodes and offer pre-built nodes that are plug and play. Alternatively, some offer you simple packages with guides to build and set up your node. 

A seed storage lock

A seed storage option comes typically in the form of metal plates as a robust physical wallet. These plates allow you to engrave your private keys on something more robust than a piece of paper. This seed storage plate protects you against prying eyes or damage to the paper used to store your keys, such as in the case of water damage or a fire.

If the Bitcoiner you want to gift already has a hardware wallet and has taken ownership of their keys in cold storage, then a seed storage protector is a great second step to improve their Bitcoin security.

A block clock

A block clock is essentially a Bitcoin tracker that displays a range of Bitcoin-related metrics. You would set which metrics it should display, and then using an internet connection; the block clock will access data feeds and display the real-time data.

If you think your Bitcoin loved one prefers to live life in Moscow Time, then this gift will be perfect for them.

You can get one on their website

A block watch

If you want to look stylish while keeping track of the Bitcoin timechain, then a block watch by be the ideal gift. The watch comes with three faces, BTC timechain, Moscow Time, and BTC Public Key QR code in case you need to receive sats on the move.

Each time a block is stacked, we inch one tick closer to radical financial revolution, so why not keep it on your wrist as a reminder.

You can get one on their website

A physical Bitcoin

Another quirky Bitcoin gift you can give to someone is a physical Bitcoin from Denarium. These physical assets can be programmed to store your hard-earned Bitcoin assets while providing you with a physical token to secure your digital Bitcoin assets. The physical bitcoin is a bit more of a novelty item and asked for those who are cryptocurrency enthusiastic and already familiar with Bitcoin. That being said, it can be a great gift that empowers new users to purchase and hodl Bitcoin without having to get too deep into the technicals of the Bitcoin market.

Branded clothing, mugs, coasters and other swag

If you are not keen on dealing with the complexities that come with the more tech-related gifts then why not opt for something simple? Bitcoin T-shirts, mugs, bags, and more can be found on a host of different sites. 

You can check out places like:

While Redbubble and Etsy also list swag from a wide range of merchants and independent artists. Oh, before we forget, Blockstream’s official store has its fair share of Bitcoin goodies, too, complete with stickers and earrings. The best part of it all, they accept Bitcoin for purchases, so you can get into the Bitcoin spirit when buying from the Blockstream store.

Bitcoin books

If the Bitcoiner you’re looking to gift is also a book worm, then you’re in luck, and you can knock out two of their passions with one gift. The amount of Bitcoin-related books are growing each day as more authors get attracted to the space, but for now, you can consider adding one of the following to your friend or family members library 

  • The Bitcoin Standard
  • The Fiat Standard
  • Mastering Bitcoin
  • The Bullish Case for Bitcoin
  • The Price of Tomorrow 
  • Layered Money
  • Bitcoin: The Future of Money?

Actual Bitcoin

If they already have all the gifts on the list or they’re not into the consumer branding side of Bitcoin, then get them something you know they’ll love. Nothing makes a perfect gift to a Bitcoin than to give Bitcoin.

Purchase some Satoshis online and then securely gift the private key to your friends or family.

Any Bitcoiner gifts you think we’ve missed?

If there are any Bitcoiner gifts you think should be added to this list, feel free to pop us a message or leave a comment, and we can keep expanding this gift guide.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. It is for educational and entertainment purposes only. As of the time posting, the writers may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency, as all investments contain risk. All opinions expressed in these articles are my own and are in no way a reflection of the opinions of The Bitcoin Manual

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