Moscow Time

In March of 2021, Twitter billionaire Jack Dorsey had a video call tackling the topic of fake news with the House committee, and in the frame of his video sat a block clock. The Block Clock had the number 1952 on it, which referred to the number of satoshis one could buy at the moment for 1 US Dollar.

As the nocoiner side of the internet turned into the stream, a cybersecurity researcher named Chris Vickery thought he’d cracked a mystery surrounding a weird clock sitting in Dorsey’s room. Vickery posited Dorsey had set the clock to Russian hours. But this was also strange as the sun had already set over in Moscow.

Naturally, Bitcoiners took to Twitter to troll this blue checkmark account, and boy did they have fun. If you are starting to measure your life in satoshis, remember, you’re now living on Moscow time

Moscow Time

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