What Are AirGapped Bitcoin Wallets?

Airgapped btc wallets

When it comes down to securing your bitcoin and holding your keys, there isn’t a single path to storage. You can start with a method as simple as downloading a software hot wallet for free and generating a set of keys on your desktop or mobile device, or you can opt for something more elaborate, […]

What Is Bitcoin Price Manipulation?

BTC price manipulation

Once you step into the bitcoin market, you’ll have to deal with volatility; everyday buyers and sellers meet on markets worldwide, buying and selling the asset. Every day, supply and demand meet one another, and they settle on a current trading price because there are so many different actors involved, all with different motivations, and […]

What Is Simple Payment Verification?

BTC simple payment verification

To keep the bitcoin protocol running smoothly and protect the network, proof of work is required for security, fraud prevention, and trust-building. Independent data processors (miners) cannot mislead about a transaction because of its security. Proof of work is also used to protect bitcoin’s transaction history while making data changes more difficult over time. Once […]

What Is The Bitcoin Kimchi Premium?

Kimchi Premium

Bitcoin exists everywhere and nowhere at the same time; the distributed ledger and all the assets it manages are purely digital, so it has no borders, it has no restrictions. As long as you follow the consensus rules of the network, you can engage in transactions on the bitcoin network. It’s simple and elegant in […]

Where Does Bitcoin Interest Come From?

Where bitcoin interest come from?

In a world of high inflation, low-interest rates and falling wages, more people are forced further out of the risk curve. If you’re simply saving in cash or holding it in an interest-bearing bank account, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not getting you very far. While the nominal figure does increase year on year, the […]

What Is Faraday?

LND faraday explained

Bitcoin allows you to become your own bank, you custody your funds, you are the only one that can proof ownership, and you’re the only one that can move the funds. It’s a revolutionary way to manage your wealth, and we’re still getting to grips with it. While the bitcoin base-chain lays the foundation for […]

What Is A Point Time Lock Contract?

Point Time Lock Contract

After the scaling debate for bitcoin has settled on the idea of side chains and parallel protocols, we’ve seen the emergence of alternative networks where bitcoin can operate without the constraints of the base chain; of these new environments, none more popular than the Lightning network. Known as a bitcoin “second layer” because most of […]

What Are Dormant Bitcoin Addresses?

Dormant Bitcoin Address

The bitcoin blockchain is a distributed ledger that anyone can view and verify with or without a third party. You could choose to use a public blockchain explorer and trust the data they’re pulling from their node, or you could run your own bitcoin full node, download an entire copy of the bitcoin blockchain and […]

What Is The Lightning Developer Kit?

Lightning Developer Kit Explained

Building out a payments infrastructure that doesn’t rely on the centralised banking system, can be used anywhere in the world, added to any internet-connected device is a hard problem to fix. No single company has been able to succeed, and it doesn’t look like it ever will. Instead, we would need a reliable network that […]

Bitcoin App: Lightning Loop

Lightning Loop

The Lightning Network has been a welcomed addition to the bitcoin stack as a method of moving transactions off-chain without having double spend issues and helps scale the network. Lightning provides fast and cheap transactions by moving bitcoin between parties through its protocol rules. Think of the bitcoin base-chain as a train; all transactions get […]

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