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Bitcoin is internet native money, an additional layer that can be added to any internet-based application to provide a method of value transfer to and from said application. Bitcoin is backed by open-source development, and when new integrations are created, they are shared with the community.

Having building blocks such as these would see many traditional internet applications migrate to using bitcoin. The reasons could be down to either for value transfer, for privacy advantages, or to tap into the community of developers and supporters.

As we see bitcoins infrastructure built out like second layer protocols, we’re starting to see applications built on top that mirrors the ones we use today but leverage bitcoin in unique ways. If you’re looking to move towards embracing a bitcoin standard when using the wider internet, then these applications may be of value to you.

General BTC apps

Apps that use Bitcoin

If you’re looking for bitcoin-based apps to try out, we’ve got a curated list for you below

ApolloReview Portal
Fountain PodcastingPodcasting
GPT-LNAI Requests
ImperviousP2P Internet Stack
JuggernautInstant Messaging
Lightning VideoVideo Hosting and Streaming
Poof RunFile Storage
Sphinx ChatInstant Messaging
StarbackrSocial Media
TweetoshiSocial Media
Vida LiveVideo chat And Streaming Service
WavlakeStreaming Music
YallsBlogging Platform And Paywall
ZapReadBlogging Platform And Paywall
ZapriteAccounting & Invoicing
ZionSocial Media

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