Buying Bitcoin In South America

South American currencies have long been plagued with mismanagement and have a long history of instability; we’ve seen currency issuance in Brazil, sovereign defaults in Argentina and, of course, hyperinflation in Venezuela. Given that level of uncertainty and experience, it’s no surprise that bitcoin adoption, for this reason, continues to proliferate as South American’s look for a globally traded store of value that cannot be confiscated.

Bitcoin has grown in popularity in a region where grey market dollars have been a popular escape route for currency debasement.

If you’re based in South America, and you’re looking for a place to either acquire bitcoin in exchange for local currency or to sell your bitcoin for local currency, then check out the following exchange services.

Buy bitcoin in South America


  1. If you’re going to dive in and acquire bitcoin, we highly recommend using a bitcoin-only exchange where possible, we understand this may not always be available and purchasing from digital asset brokers may be your only option. But to avoid confusion and focus on simplicity, bitcoin-only exchanges are a great way to start.
  2. If you do not see a local exchange listed below for your country, you may have to opt for using a global exchange or decentralised exchange and P2P exchange.
  3. Be aware that some of the exchanges listed below are shitcoin casinos so take care!
Country Exchange Website
Argentina ArgenBTC
Brazil Brasil Bitcoin
Mercado Bitcoin
Walltime  –  ₿ Bitcoin Only!login
Chile Buda
Colombia Buda
Falkland Islands
French Guiana
Peru Buda
Uruguay Bitex
Venezuela Cryptobuyer
Surbitcoin  –  ₿ Bitcoin Only

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