Buying Bitcoin In Australasia​

Australasia or Oceania is more than Australia and New Zealand’s developed economies. Still, it comprises several islands that are either independent nations or distinct territories that may not have monetary sovereignty.

At the same time, they may also rely on the currency and financial infrastructure of the developing countries in their region. An economic structure that doesn’t even correctly serve all people in the major nations in the area.

These and many more reasons are why bitcoin has started to latch on not only in the developed nations in the region but the countries whose citizens need bitcoin as a store of value, as a remittance service and as a way to bypass ever-increasing financial regulation. 

If you are in the oceanic region and you’re looking to acquire bitcoin, then these services are for you.

Buy Bitcoin in Australasia


  1. If you’re going to dive in and acquire bitcoin, we highly recommend using a bitcoin-only exchange where possible, we understand this may not always be available and purchasing from digital asset brokers may be your only option. But to avoid confusion and focus on simplicity, bitcoin-only exchanges are a great way to start.
  2. If you do not see a local exchange listed below for your country, you may have to opt for using a global exchange or decentralised exchange and P2P exchange.
  3. Be aware that some of the exchanges listed below are shitcoin casinos so take care!
American Samoa  
AustraliaAmber –  ₿ Bitcoin Only
 Bitaroo –  ₿ Bitcoin Only AU
 Hard Block –  ₿ Bitcoin Only
 Independent Reserve
 Pay btc –  ₿ Bitcoin Only
Cook Islands  
French Polynesia  
Marshall Islands  
New Caledonia  
New ZealandBit2me
 Independent Reserve
 Kiwi Coin –  ₿ Bitcoin Only
 Mine Digital
Northern Mariana Islands  
Papua New Guinea  
Solomon Islands  
Wallis & Futuna  

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