What Are Nostr Marketplace Clients?

Nostr marketplaces explained

Social media allows us to connect with friends, family and even strangers with common interests. As more people began to congregate on these websites, brands and marketers like me took it upon ourselves to ensure that social media users couldn’t simply have fun; users had to also see ads and be strategically prompted to buy […]

How To Get A Lightning Balance Without Opening A Channel

Open LN balance no channel

Onboarding users to the Bitcoin Network is an uphill battle based on the current state of user interfaces; it simply isn’t intuitive and requires a bit of study. This is not necessarily a bad thing; like any technology, it’s a new skill at; first, that becomes second nature in a few years. A few years […]

How To Forward Nostr Zaps

Forwarding nostr zaps

Nostr has become Zap central, and every day thousands of satoshis are sent back and forth between different users as payment for development support on projects or a dank meme. Since the Zap NIP went live, we’ve seen just shy of 500 000 payments made between Nostr users. Sure, this could simply be people “wash […]

How To Embed Nostr Posts On Your Website

Nostr embedded posts

Since the inception of social media, we’ve seen an explosion of online content. Social media has lowered the barrier to entry for anyone in the world to create content and voice their opinions and has revolutionised how we communicate. It’s fast, concise and a great way to connect with your customers, prospects and clients, with […]

How To Use Fiat-Denominated Nostr Zaps

Nostr Fiat Tips

So you’ve heard about nostr, and you really like the idea of a censorship-resistant protocol, and you want to engage with others who hold those same values. Maybe you’re a content creator that is tired of dealing with swapping to different platforms or holding back on what you really want to say because you’re afraid […]

How To Migrate Your Blog To Nostr

Migrate nostr blog

Are you a blogger seeking a change? Do you feel limited by your current blogging platform or feel like you cannot fully express yourself due to possible de-platforming? Perhaps you’re looking for new features like censorship resistance, wish to monetise your content through bitcoin, or want to grow your audience by syndicating on a new […]

What Is A Nostr Signing Device?

Nostr signing devices explained

The reality of using nostr requires users to have their private key on hand to be able to interact with clients. You will use it to sign in and prove your identity or to create content like notes and events. While private keys give us more control over our data and our account, it does […]

What Are Blinded Nostr Assets?

Blinded nostr assets

Today many of us create gigabytes of data on ourselves every year in the form of metadata, text, videos, images and voice recordings. These files could be living on your personal device or on servers worldwide as you upload them to various services, like social media sites or industrial cloud storage services. While we’re often […]

What Are Delegated Event Signings On Nostr?

Delegated event signing on nostr explained

Dealing with a communications protocol like nostr that forces you to use public and private key pairs to manage your identity online comes with a certain level of personal responsibility. Unlike traditional social media, where you create an account with an application and service that manage it for you, here you are in control of […]

What Is A Nostr URL Handler?

nostr url handler

So you’ve just created a set of keys and opened up your nostr network account, and now you’re wondering how to best promote yourself or your busines on the web. You have decided that having a presence on this new protocol and social media is one of the best ways for people to find out […]

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