What Are Blinded Nostr Assets?

Blinded nostr assets

Today many of us create gigabytes of data on ourselves every year in the form of metadata, text, videos, images and voice recordings. These files could be living on your personal device or on servers worldwide as you upload them to various services, like social media sites or industrial cloud storage services. While we’re often […]

What Are Delegated Event Signings On Nostr?

Delegated event signing on nostr explained

Dealing with a communications protocol like nostr that forces you to use public and private key pairs to manage your identity online comes with a certain level of personal responsibility. Unlike traditional social media, where you create an account with an application and service that manage it for you, here you are in control of […]

What Is A Nostr URL Handler?

nostr url handler

So you’ve just created a set of keys and opened up your nostr network account, and now you’re wondering how to best promote yourself or your busines on the web. You have decided that having a presence on this new protocol and social media is one of the best ways for people to find out […]

How To Create A Nostr Badge

Create A Nostr Badge Guide

Traditional social media accounts have become rather clinical in their design; now that everyone’s profile looks exactly the same, we’ve long forgotten the days of fully customisable internet landing pages; gone are the days of Angelfire and Geocities sites or your MySpace page. Where you could make your profile a beautiful eye sore that only […]

What Are Nostr Badges?

Nostr badges

Do you ever feel like the days of wide-open “wild west” exploration on social media are long gone? Have our feeds and timelines been reduced to corporate-controlled aggregations of hyper-targeted ads and content created by influencers calculated to bring in clicks that they can monetise? Has the “social” aspect been drained and turned into a […]

How To Use Nostr For Blogging

how to blog on Nostr

Every day, millions of people are turning to blogging as a way to reach their audience. According to abdalslam.com, in 2023, There will be more than 600 million blog sites worldwide, generating around 70 million monthly posts.  Whether it’s through a popular platform like Medium, Substack, or a CMS like WordPress, the number of content creators has […]

How To Find Nostr Accounts To Follow

Finding nostr accounts

Social media has become an essential communication in many people’s lives. Connecting with friends, family and strangers who share common interests online has become commonplace. Joining a new social network can be exciting and intimidating, especially one built on open-source technology. There is a central company behind Nostr working around the clock to onboard users […]

How To Setup A Nostr Account

Creating a nostr account

Traditional social media is a noisy digital world that has been normalised in modern culture, but it doesn’t make the experience any less daunting. Traditional social media throws us all into one big digital town square and then uses algorithms to get us to engage with content and slip in a few ads for good […]

A Nostr Approach To NFTs

Nostr NFTs

Humans have been hard-wired to want to collect things that are deemed scarce, and this programming has been used to fuel trend after trend of collectables. From tulips to beanie babies and now jpegs files with a serial number on a blockchain, trends come around, pull people into a complete frenzy that grows and draws […]

What Are Nostr Zaps?

What are nostr zaps?

Social media is increasingly becoming an essential part of our lives, with over 3.81 billion people using one or more platforms. While we’ve become accustomed to exchanging ideas and information through these platforms, the ability to settle payments instantly and across borders was missing. In traditional social media, content creators have had to turn to […]

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