What Are Satograms?

Satograms explained

The Lightning Network is not only a method of transferring Bitcoin, but it is also a peer-to-peer communications network. This means that Lightning nodes can communicate with each other directly without the need for a central intermediary. Lightning nodes use a variety of protocols to communicate with each other, including: Lightning nodes also use a […]

What Is Nostr Auth?

Nostr Auth Explained

Spending time online for work or play requires all of us to gain access to different websites, apps and service providers; usually, this is done through an email account or sometimes a phone number, but these methods become tedious as the number of websites we want to access increases.  The need for a universal identity […]

What Are Nostr Live Events?

Nostr live events

Live video content is no longer a medium for cable or satellite TV; as smartphones improve and internet bandwidth becomes cheaper and faster, social media and video hosting platforms have turned the medium from a novelty to one of the fastest-growing content mediums.  Live streaming has become one of the most popular forms of content […]

What Is Zapple Pay?

Zapple Pay

Nostr has seen tremendous growth in the last year; the new social media protocol promises to be more private and secure than its competitors and offer up censorship-resistant communication on every level of the stack. As the number of users grew, relays and clients needed to improve their efforts as interaction became sluggish. One of […]

How To Use PayJoin Using Nostr

PayJoin with Nostr

Nostr is an open protocol designed to be a community-driven platform; the first use case for the protocol has been short-form social media content clients that mimic the Twitter experience. While this use case remains the primary use of the protocol, it’s not the only way to use it, and we’ve seen long-form content hosting clients […]

What Is Munstr?

Munstr explained

A multi-sig wallet is a Bitcoin wallet that requires two or more signatures to confirm and send a transaction. It can be used by multiple keyholders or one user across multiple devices for distributed key signing. Multi-sig wallets provide an additional level of security and safety versus your traditional single sig since it doesn’t have […]

What Is Civ Kit?

CIV Kit explained

Over the past decade, peer-to-peer (P2P) markets for buying and selling Bitcoin have had a rough go of it, as the masses have chosen the path of easier onboarding through KYC-laden centralised exchanges. Since the average user opts for convenience and speed of transaction execution, P2P markets have had to fight for market share. In […]

What Are Nostr Marketplace Clients?

Nostr marketplaces explained

Social media allows us to connect with friends, family and even strangers with common interests. As more people began to congregate on these websites, brands and marketers like me took it upon ourselves to ensure that social media users couldn’t simply have fun; users had to also see ads and be strategically prompted to buy […]

How To Get A Lightning Balance Without Opening A Channel

Open LN balance no channel

Onboarding users to the Bitcoin Network is an uphill battle based on the current state of user interfaces; it simply isn’t intuitive and requires a bit of study. This is not necessarily a bad thing; like any technology, it’s a new skill at; first, that becomes second nature in a few years. A few years […]

How To Forward Nostr Zaps

Forwarding nostr zaps

Nostr has become Zap central, and every day thousands of satoshis are sent back and forth between different users as payment for development support on projects or a dank meme. Since the Zap NIP went live, we’ve seen just shy of 500 000 payments made between Nostr users. Sure, this could simply be people “wash […]

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