Why Bitcoin Becoming Boring Is A Feature, Not A Bug

Why bitcoin should be boring

Bitcoin markets still have many puzzles for us to solve, and anyone who tells you that they have it all figured out is either lying or naive and will be humbled by the market sooner or later. With each passing year, we’re beginning to learn more about this parallel monetary system and its effects on […]

What Are Bitcoin Volcano Bonds?

BTC volcano bonds

El Salvador made history in September 2021 when it became the first country to include bitcoin as a legal currency alongside the U.S. dollar. Since the announcement, we’ve seen bitcoin businesses set up a presence in the Central American nation, along with bitcoin flooding into their borders through the global remittance market and bitcoin tourism. […]

Why The Bitcoin Price Differs Across Exchanges?

Bitcoin price differs on exchanges

The price of bitcoin tends to take up most of the discussion and attention, especially with those new to the asset, and some even become obsessed with it. Riding the highs and lows that are bitcoin volatility can be an emotional rollercoaster, and becoming a constant price checker won’t help your situation. If you have […]

What Is The Bitcoin Float?

What is the bitcoin float?

When Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator or creators behind bitcoin, designed the world’s first digital bearer asset, they wanted no ambiguity surrounding the supply or the insurance. The bitcoin network’s maximum supply was meant to mimic the finite quantity of physical commodities, which would see demand hit an ever-decreasing supply. The maximum number of bitcoin […]

Why Does Money Creation Require A Cost?

money creation requirements

To verify transactions, bitcoin mining computers are required to solve ever more complex math problems and the first one to provide the correct hash gets to secure a new block to the network. This is the proof of work consensus mechanism that underpins the network. When Satoshi mined the first few blocks, miners were relatively […]

What Is Bitcoin Price Manipulation?

BTC price manipulation

Once you step into the bitcoin market, you’ll have to deal with volatility; everyday buyers and sellers meet on markets worldwide, buying and selling the asset. Every day, supply and demand meet one another, and they settle on a current trading price because there are so many different actors involved, all with different motivations, and […]

9 Reasons Why You Want To Mine Bitcoin At Home

reasons to mine bitcoin at home

If you’ve heard about bitcoin, you probably already know that to acquire some, you either need to purchase it from someone or mine them yourself. The concept of “creating” bitcoins from your computer by providing security to the network through the conversion of electricity into hash rate has become a booming industry over the last […]

Forget Credit Scores; Embrace Equity Scores

credit score vs equity score

Fiat isn’t going away anytime soon, and credit will be part of our lives if we choose to use it or not. Under the fiat system, expanding credit is fundamental to keep it going; it allows consumers and businesses to borrow money to generate economic transactions that hopefully increase productivity at a rate higher than […]

What Is A Bitcoin Decoupling?

bitcoin decoupling moment

Bitcoin is a technology; it’s formalised the use of a distributed ledger and used that as a basis to create a decentralised payment network. When you first begin to learn about bitcoin, a large portion of your focus will be on the technology, how it works, why it’s different and how it improves on current […]

Why Proof of Stake Is Bad For The Environment

Proof of stake environmental impact

The last few years of bitcoin have been heavily energy FUD related as the network continues to grow and gobble up stranded energy reserves, underutilised energy reserves, bootstrap renewable and new energy creation and much more. Bitcoins energy hungry nature has produced so much good, yet this is all dismissed by so-called experts. All the […]