Earning Bitcoin

The bitcoin ecosystem continues to expand and as more people want to use the network, so too comes more opportunities to acquire bitcoin. The vast majority of bitcoin is earned through mining or purchasing it off an exchange, but there is a growing market for earning BTC.

The ability for Bitcoin to be instantly divisible into 100 million satoshis provides some compelling use cases that were not possible with physical or even digital fiat currencies. We’re starting to see satoshis used for tipping or paying for digital content or access to certain material as well as job sites that pay in bitcoin.

Trading your time and labour for bitcoin comes in many forms, from simple microtasks to freelancing and even content creation. If you’re looking for ways to earn a few satoshis or want to build a satoshi netting side hustle, then perhaps some of these options below are worth a try.

A Bitcoin faucet is a way to get free bitcoin as a reward for visiting a site or app or performing specific tasks on their platform. The name “faucet” comes from the fact that the rewards are minimal, like drops of water dripping from a faucet. To claim these rewards, users typically have to perform a task such as:
  • Watching product videos
  • Viewing or clicking on advertisements
  •  Completing a Captcha
  • Solving a puzzle
  • Playing a game
As payment for these tasks, users could receive a single Satoshi, which is one-hundred-millionth of one Bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).

How do bitcoin faucets work?

Most Bitcoin faucets are easy to use. Sometimes it can be as simple as entering a public key address for your Bitcoin wallet, clicking a few buttons, and receiving the coins. In general, the more complex the tasks required, the higher the rewards. Some faucets do not offer an instant payout to reduce fees and often have a web-hosted wallet that stores coins for users up until a certain payout point. 

What is the purpose of bitcoin faucets?

When bitcoin launched in 2009, few had heard of the idea of virtual currency. It was still pretty complex to mine, and exchanges were not commonplace. To help bitcoin enter the hands of more people, Gavin Andresen, an early Bitcoin adopter, offered free Bitcoin in exchange for completing Captchas. In 2010, the first Bitcoin faucet ever created paid out 5 BTC in exchange for the simple task of clicking images. This was at a time when one Bitcoin was worth less than a penny. 

No free lunch

It’s essential to take note that not all faucets are legitimate sources of income. There could be some faucet sites that infect a user’s device with malware, spyware, ransomware or “cryptojacking”. Faucets could also hold off payment of your coins since they are the custody provider of the funds on your behalf. 

Where can I find bitcoin faucets?

If you want to get started with bitcoin faucets you can check out the following platforms.
Faucet Network URL
Boltcoiner Lightning Network https://boltcoiner.io/
Cointiply Main Chain https://cointiply.com/
Freebitcoin Main Chain https://freebitco.in/
Lightning Faucet Lightning Network https://lightningnetworkstores.com/

Micro jobs or microtasks have become a popular side hustle as the freelancer world expands into small once-off tasks. They could encompass tasks such as filling in surveys, sharing articles, writing blogs, coding, doing handyman work, babysitting, designing websites, entering data and performing other administrative tasks, running errands and acting as a virtual assistant.

If you’re looking for a place to sell your time or finding odd jobs to earn bitcoin, then check out these platforms.

Bitcoin BountiesBase Chain, Lightning Networkhttps://bitcoinbounties.org/
CarrotLightning Networkhttps://www.earncarrot.com/
NYDIG BountiesBase Chainhttps://nydig.com/bounties
Paid AppLightning Networkhttps://app.paid.co/
Sats For LikesLightning Networkhttps://kriptode.com/
Somebody Make ThisLightning Networkhttps://smt.etleneum.com/
StakworkLightning Networkhttps://stakwork.com/
MicrolancerLightning Networkhttps://microlancer.io/
SoldiracLightning Networkhttps://soldirac.com/

If you’re looking to quit your fiat job to earn bitcoin, or you want to work for a bitcoin company, then getting a job with some of the leading companies or startups in the industry is your best bet.

Start finding a bitcoin-related job and expand your career options with one of the following platforms.

Bitcoiner Jobshttps://bitcoinerjobs.co/
Stacker News – Jobshttps://stacker.news/~jobs
Monetise your content with bitcoin by locking it behind a paywall and encourage users to pay to unlock your content. You can either use a self-hosted service or lock your own blog behind a paywall. To test out a paywall for your content in an attempt to earn more bitcoin, then check out the following services.
Platform Network URL
BTC Pay Wall Lightning Network https://btcpaywall.com/
Ln Pay Lightning Network https://lnpay.co/
Yalls Lightning Network https://yalls.org/
Easily request tips from your social media followers, readers or your youtube viewers by creating a bitcoin tip jar and promoting it on your various accounts. If you’re looking for a tip jar application, then check out the following services below.
Platform Network URL
Stacker News Lightning Network https://stacker.news/
Tippin.me Lightning Network https://tippin.me/

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