Point of Sale Devices

The Bitcoin Economy

Bitcoin’s legal tender status in El Salvador has meant that businesses have had to put in place the means to accept Bitcoin payments alongside their regular fiat payment options.

As more countries start adopting the Bitcoin economy, they will need to make the transition easier for customers to provide a seamless paying experience.

This is where point of sale devices come in to help facilitate the movement of satoshis from customer to the provide of the goods or service.

A point of sale is the place where a paying customer will pay for goods or services. This can be done online or in person via an NFC card and card readers.

Businesses will employ a degree of strategy to get the most out of the point of sale, one example of this is the location of where the products are placed in relation to the location of the point of sale devices. For example, a tasty treat might be placed right in front of you at the checkout counter to tempt you in to an impulse buy.

Another example is strategic product placement when you go to checkout online such as “other products you may be interested in” and so on.

The idea of the point of sale device is for businesses to understand what product placement works best for them, how their customers react and these devices can help provide data on that, whilst working towards providing a better experience for the customer.

When customers pay for goods and services, the collective data from a purchase (whether it was a promotion, product location or something else) will be captured by the device and the merchant can analyse it to improve their offering.

Traditional devices won’t be compatible with Bitcoin so there are other options available for merchants to accept Bitcoin payments from customers.

Where Can I Buy Point of Sale Devices?

Below is a list of companies that manufacture Point of Sale devices that we’re aware of and we’ll add to it as we discover more. These aren’t referrals or endorsements, you will still need to DYOR on these products:
Point of Sale Device Website
Bitcoin Suisse https://www.bitcoinsuisse.com/
BitPay https://bitpay.com/retail/
CoinCorner https://blog.coincorner.com/
Coingate https://coingate.com/pos
Coinpayments https://www.coinpayments.net/
Cryptolocal https://cryptolocalatm.com/e/
Cyclebit https://www.cyclebit.io/pos
Elly https://elly.com/
ForumPay https://forumpay.com/
Paychant https://paychant.com/
Plisio https://plisio.net/
Walledo https://walledo.com/
World Line https://www.six-payment-services.com

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