There are a lot of bad actors out in the world and the grifter has found their way in to the Bitcoin world too. These are basically con artists who manage to swindle people out of their money via fraud and lies as opposed to brute force.

Grifters can be seen operating on pretty much every aspect of Bitcoin Twitter but may take various forms.

The most obvious grifters are shitcoiners trying to swindle your Bitcoin for promises of higher gains with rug pull technology.

However, scam artists do exist in the Bitcoin world that try to coax you in to random Telegram or Discord groups or where they will “double your money” if you send them some Bitcoin first.

Just remember that if you send Bitcoin to a wallet that you don’t own the private keys to, it’s not yours anymore.

Once you have dived deep into Bitcoin and treasure every sat, you will be well prepared to avoid the anguish and tactics employed by the grifter.

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