Can Bitcoin Transactions Be Censored?

BTC censorship

Ever since payments became digital, we’ve seen an increase in the ability to censor transactions; financial institutions and payment intermediaries shut down accounts or inhibit transactions daily. As custodians of other people’s funds, these platforms require the ability to reverse transactions, as they custody funds and take the risk of moving them; when fraud occurs, […]

Self-Custody Maximalism On The Rise

Although the extreme viewpoint of Bitcoin Maximalism is “1 Bitcoin = 1 Bitcoin”, the vast majority of people in the space always look at “1 Bitcoin = current £ price”. As the fiat price of Bitcoin goes through its bear market and bull market cycles, we see companies and exchanges come and go, which leads […]

Why Bitcoiners Emphasise Having Your Own Private Keys

I’m trying to take it easy on a nice relaxing holiday at the beach but I can’t help checking Twitter and it looks like the fun and games started before I even got out my car! Oh you guys! The focal point of this latest adventure is a CeFi platform that I’m familiar with called […]

Bank Bail-Ins? I’ll Bail Out To Bitcoin Instead

Bailey’s UK bank bail-ins means it’s time to bail out into Bitcoin Bail-Ins Remember the 2008 credit crunch? Not that long ago really in the grand scheme of things but I remember hearing news in Cyprus a couple of years later where people could not get access to their bank accounts. Instead, their hard earned […]