Bitcoin Privacy Tools Come Under Pressure

BTC privacy under pressure

It’s been an excellent new month for Bitcoin recently; the launch of the spot ETF has been the catalyst for all-time high-breaking price action, pre-halving, which hasn’t happened before, leaving many a holder extremely bullish.  The suits have finally woken up, and they’re ready to pump our bags; I mean, surely now that Bitcoin has regulated products, […]

What Is Shamir Secret Sharing?

Shamir secret sharing

In researching Bitcoin, you’ve likely come across terms like decentralised, stateless, non-custodial, and elimination of third-party risk, all routed as benefits of using the network; well, that and “number go up“, right?  While these features are unique to Bitcoin and contribute to the value proposition, many of us distil all that value into the fiat […]

What Is A Statechain CoinJoin?

statechain coinjoins explained

Bitcoin is an open monetary network that anyone can use as long as they have the software to communicate with the network. Your method of interacting with the network can be as simple as using a software wallet and broadcasting via a third-party node, or you can talk to the network directly via your own […]

Considerations Before You CoinJoin

Consider before you CoinJoin

In the ever-evolving world of Bitcoin, privacy remains a top concern for many users. The fact that your wealth is open for all to see is a real concern for many who choose to save in Bitcoin. None of us want the entire world to know what amount of wealth we own, nor where we […]

What Are Nostr Key Management Tools?

Nostr key management tools

If you haven’t lived in the mountains for the last few years, you’ve probably set up several social media accounts in your lifetime; many of us live with the reality of managing multiple accounts for work or play. You might use Twitter for news and shouting at strangers online, while you find Instagram your go-to […]

Can Bitcoin Transactions Be Censored?

BTC censorship

Ever since payments became digital, we’ve seen an increase in the ability to censor transactions; financial institutions and payment intermediaries shut down accounts or inhibit transactions daily. As custodians of other people’s funds, these platforms require the ability to reverse transactions, as they custody funds and take the risk of moving them; when fraud occurs, […]

Self-Custody Maximalism On The Rise

Although the extreme viewpoint of Bitcoin Maximalism is “1 Bitcoin = 1 Bitcoin”, the vast majority of people in the space always look at “1 Bitcoin = current £ price”. As the fiat price of Bitcoin goes through its bear market and bull market cycles, we see companies and exchanges come and go, which leads […]

Why Bitcoiners Emphasise Having Your Own Private Keys

I’m trying to take it easy on a nice relaxing holiday at the beach but I can’t help checking Twitter and it looks like the fun and games started before I even got out my car! Oh you guys! The focal point of this latest adventure is a CeFi platform that I’m familiar with called […]

Bank Bail-Ins? I’ll Bail Out To Bitcoin Instead

Bailey’s UK bank bail-ins means it’s time to bail out into Bitcoin Bail-Ins Remember the 2008 credit crunch? Not that long ago really in the grand scheme of things but I remember hearing news in Cyprus a couple of years later where people could not get access to their bank accounts. Instead, their hard earned […]

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