Why Bitcoin Miners Fail

why bitcoin mining operations fail

The bitcoin mining business is not a get-rich-quick scheme that involves plugging in a magic money printer machine; it’s a worldwide competition to provide security for the network and, in return, hope to secure a reward for your contribution. It’s a race against time every 10 minutes and is ruthlessly capitalistic, with no bailouts; if […]

What Is A Green Bitcoin Miner?

Green bitcoin miners

Bitcoin mining requires increasing amounts of energy to power the computers that verify and record secured transactions on the time chain. Miners are on a mission to constantly source the cheapest forms of energy and the most reliable to keep their rigs running 24 hours a day. In some cases, this energy may come from […]

How Much Bitcoin Will My Miner Make?

Bitcoin mining has grown into big business as it becomes more popular now people are seeing past the FUD. Whether its energy companies looking to balance their grid or plebs wanting to secure the network and earn some sats for doing so. Mining is one of the key parts of Bitcoin as highly specialised computers, […]