Can The Lightning Network Be Censored?

Censorship on LN

The Lightning Network is often heralded as the answer to Bitcoin’s scalability issues, enabling quick, low-cost transactions. Whenever the topic of bringing Bitcoin to more people comes up, especially those in the global south, you’ll hear the “use Lightning” response. I was guilty of it myself, but we have to be honest about the state […]

The Inner Game of Bitcoin

Psychology, behaviour and reactions to certain situations have always been interesting to me. So often when we’re not immediately in a situation, it’s easy to say, “I’d have done it this way” when that’s probably not the case. In the heat of the moment, all kinds of emotions take over as our ego wants to […]

What The FUD? Crypto & Mental Health

Crypto and Mental Health

Wow! Plenty of uncertainty in the crypto markets flying around at the moment along with the fear and doubt thanks to someone powering up the FUD machine to max capacity! In any case, the newcomers that came without doing their research and saw their portfolios go down by about 40-50%, like one of my friends […]

It’s Not A Question of “Schiff” But When…

Not Schiff but when

So I saw a post yesterday from Hive’s favourite mannequin @hivelander which showed how the market cap of Bitcoin is rapidly moving up the charts according to this website which compares assets and companies’ evaluations. As you can see, as of today (18th Feb 2021) the market cap of BTC is nearly at $1 Trillion […]

Mainstream Media Starting To Cover Crypto – Is It Good Though?

Mainstream Media Coverage

Every day I’ve been waking up this past week, Bitcoin has done something like hitting all time high prices one after another. In fact, it’s gone up by 30% in £ value in the last 7 days alone according to CoinGecko which is unreal in itself! Institutions are really loading up and adding Bitcoin to […]

Is Crypto “Dodgy”?

Is crypto dodgy

Define “Dodgy” This conversation usually comes up as I discuss Bitcoin and crypto with my friends – the “dodginess of crypto” – as they associate it with non-mainstream behaviour that we’re mostly used to with high street banks. Seeing as cryptocurrencies are not illegal in the UK and are considered as assets and any gains […]

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