Wake Up Podcast


Aleks tackles why the world is largely asleep and how we living in a time where our freedoms are slowly being encroached upon, but because we’re addicted to menial crap, we ignore it.

The method in which we are kept in a form of walking sleepers is through the financial system. Our money no longer represents our work, time or effort, the freedom to speak out is obstructed under the guise of “diversity and inclusion”, privacy is no longer a right and surveillance has become mainstream “for our protection”.

Wake up is dedicated to helping ensure V for Vendetta and 1984 remain works of fiction. In a bid to explore how we wake up from this great sleep we find ourselves in Aleks tackles a host of topics with his guests. 

Topics will include Bitcoin, Money, Freedom, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Ethics and more

Wake up podcast


Aleks Svetski


No official website, but the podcast can be found on popular streaming sites


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