Fast Bitcoins

Speed Is Of The Essence...

Fast Bitcoins is a Bitcoin only exchange based in Australia that was set up in 2018 with the mission of getting 1 billion people in to Bitcoin. Their website allows you to buy, spend and trade Bitcoin, whilst also allowing withdrawals to your lightning wallet and liquid wallet.

In addition to their online services, they have also made it possible to buy Bitcoin in person at a number of retail outlets across the world via cash deposits or Flexepin (which is a redeemable voucher you can buy in the outlet).

Dollar Cost Averaging is a popular way to regularly buy Bitcoin and this service is available with Fast Bitcoins as well.

Like The Bitcoin Manual, Fast Bitcoins are big on education too and there’s a section on their site dedicated to sharing the knowledge, along with their blog.

Their fees are outlined on their FAQ page but withdrawing to liquid and lightning is free (at time of writing).

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