No Cutting Corners Here

CoinCorner is primarily a Bitcoin focused exchange that has full integration with the Lightning Network. The exchange was founded in June 2014 by a team of enthusiastic Bitcoiners who wanted to make buying and learning about Bitcoin as easy as possible in the UK and rest of the world, whilst trying to build trust in the industry.

Fast forward to today and CoinCorner have added a really cool browser plug-in that activates when you shop online with a supported retailer. Once this activates, you can earn sats back with a qualifying purchase (you can also find Bitcoin friendly retailers in your dashboard using the search feature) so you can build your sats whilst treating yourself. You will need to link this browser extension with your CoinCorner account to use this service.


If you are selling a product on your own website, then CoinCorner will help you out with that as well with their Checkout service that allows Bitcoin payments to be integrated. Any sales you make will be reflected on your dashboard.

You are also able to set up automatic Bitcoin buys when you’re logged in which takes the stress away of watching charts and the interface is really easy to navigate when on laptop or PC. There is a mobile app as well which can also be used but we found the website a lot smoother.

There are fees associated with using CoinCorner and these are detailed on their fees page. Our experience with the customer service has been really positive and the team is friendly, welcoming and very active on Twitter so you can always reach out to them.

They also have a regular podcast called the “Britcoiners Podcast“, which is an informal chat amongst the team about all things relating to Bitcoin with some funny moments and non-technical discussions.

*Full information about CoinCorner’s Affiliate/Referral Program can be found here

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