Welcome To “Shaft-flation”

In the UK mainstream media this week, there have been plenty of worrying stories about the cost of living increasing exponentially due to a combination of increased taxes, energy and groceries prices and interest rate rises affecting things like mortgage rates. The latest round pointing to a triple whammy hitting us on April 1st, which […]

Bitcoin “Sorry” For Bank of England

I was just merrily getting on with my day job yesterday and up popped a string of mainstream media articles around the Bank of England. I thought to myself, “What are these charming people in charge of UK’s monetary policy up to now?” According to the pap, the Bank of England governor said he is […]

50 Years Of Fiat – When Bitcoin Standard?

Over the last week, I saw a lot of people share the “significant milestone” of 50 years since the US Dollar (and all other fiat currencies by association) moved off the Gold Standard in a so-called “temporary measure”. On Aug 15th 1971, President Nixon made his announcement which gave central banks more control over “managing” […]

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