A Coloureds Case For Bitcoin

Coloured Bitcoiners in South Africa

Growing up in South Africa, you cannot escape the pull of identity politics, it’s part of our history, and something even the “born free” generation has to deal with or feel obligated to deal with and factor into their lives. Racism perpetuates through our local politics and culture, and despite integration, people still blame the […]

Politicians Pandering To Bitcoin Plebs

Politicians pander to Bitcoin holders

Bitcoin is now a trillion-dollar asset class, and those who hold coins are now commanding a larger share of wealth. If trends are too persistent, and we all think they will, Bitcoiners will continue to have a larger share of global wealth. The larger their share of wealth, the more influential Bitcoiners will be on […]

Bitcoin Is A Peaceful Protest

BTC is a peaceful protest

Growing up in South Africa, we’re all too familiar with the idea of protests; it’s in our nature, blood, and culture; we even have our name for it; we call it the “Toyi Toyi”. For those of you who are not familiar with our form of protest, in South Africa, instead of marching around repeating […]