Why Bitcoin Miners Fail

why bitcoin mining operations fail

The bitcoin mining business is not a get-rich-quick scheme that involves plugging in a magic money printer machine; it’s a worldwide competition to provide security for the network and, in return, hope to secure a reward for your contribution. It’s a race against time every 10 minutes and is ruthlessly capitalistic, with no bailouts; if […]

What Is A Green Bitcoin Miner?

Green bitcoin miners

Bitcoin mining requires increasing amounts of energy to power the computers that verify and record secured transactions on the time chain. Miners are on a mission to constantly source the cheapest forms of energy and the most reliable to keep their rigs running 24 hours a day. In some cases, this energy may come from […]

Why Is Bitcoin Mining So Loud?

Bitcoin Mining Is Loud

Bitcoin mining gets a lot of flack from the general public; if it’s not using too much energy, it’s driving up the price of computer chips. If it’s not generating useless computation that cannot be used for anything else, it’s making too much noise. Bitcoin miners provide computing power to the network in a globally […]

Why Is Bitcoin Mining So Energy Intensive?

BTC mining energy intense

When Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first bitcoin back in 2009, the plan was to create a decentralised payments platform that would revolutionise how we create money, how we manage balances and how we transfer value between participants in the network. The idea behind proof of work was to create a competitive marketplace where anyone could […]

What Is A Bitcoin Mining Capitulation?

btc miner capitulation

Bitcoin mining is not some passive investment opportunity where you can print money using fancy computer equipment; it’s a cutthroat industry where individuals and companies compete to secure the next block. Bitcoin mining has elements you can control, such as the type of machine you’re using, your expenditure cost basis and the software you’re running, […]

9 Reasons Why You Want To Mine Bitcoin At Home

reasons to mine bitcoin at home

If you’ve heard about bitcoin, you probably already know that to acquire some, you either need to purchase it from someone or mine them yourself. The concept of “creating” bitcoins from your computer by providing security to the network through the conversion of electricity into hash rate has become a booming industry over the last […]

Why Solar Homes Should Consider Home Mining

solar homes should mine bitcoin

As a South African, the energy crisis has been part of my daily life since the early 2000s as our centralized national power provider continues to falter under mismanagement, corruption, sabotage and political interest instead of economic interest. The national energy provider Eskom is a central point of failure for the South African economy. As […]

What Is Bitcoin’s Next Difficulty Adjustment?

Bitcoin next difficulty adjustment

As the Bitcoin mining industry continues to grow and innovate, one important metric that those who run miners keep their beady little eyes on is the “difficulty adjustment“. The reason being that if the difficulty of mining a Bitcoin block increase or decreases, it will then determine the profitability of your mining operation. This is […]