The Issue With Stablecoins On Lightning

Issue stablecoins LN

The Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) has emerged as the most promising solution to Bitcoin’s scalability issues. It’s the only layer two offering unilateral exit and multiple implementations that anyone can run on their node without too much hassle. This peer-to-peer network enables faster and cheaper transactions, making it ideal for everyday micropayments.  The Lightning Network lets any […]

What Is Nostr Wallet Connect?

Nostr wallet connect

As a modern internet user, we’ve become accustomed to certain user experiences, slick one-click logins, signing off payments perhaps with a 2FA for added security, and connecting our credit cards to applications for subscription payments, and this is the standard; no one will accept anything more complex. When sites and services are centralised, it’s easier […]

Beware Of Fake Bitcoin Wallets

What are fake Bitcoin Wallets

Many of us find our way to Bitcoin with the idea that we’re going to make some money in this market, and without a doubt, there have been many success stories of people becoming Bitcoin millionaires. These stories only fuel the fire, and when investors are solely focused on making money or getting into Bitcoin […]

How Do You Deal With Custodial LN Wallet Caps?

Ln wallet caps

Lightning, the scaling solution for Bitcoin, promised fast and cheap transactions with a few trade-offs. Instead of providing the same UI as on-chain transactions, Lightning offers an entirely new ecosystem filled with its own technical competencies and learning curve. The many hurdles, like remaining online, managing liquidity and channel sizes, and more, have limited the […]

What Are Liquidity Ads?

Liquidity ads

The Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s highway for fast and cheap payments, thrives on liquidity. But getting that liquidity there can be tricky. Enter liquidity ads, a protocol that empowers nodes to actively advertise their willingness to contribute funds and smooth out the flow of satoshis (Bitcoin’s tiniest units). Imagine you’re running a node on the Lightning Network, a bustling metropolis of […]

Nostr Assets Off To A Rocky Start

Nostr assets rocky start

Nostr, the decentralised social media protocol, has undoubtedly captured the imagination of those who felt stifled by the current selection of social media apps and services. Since the protocol’s launch, the user base has slowly grown. Still, it remains a small fringe community of dedicated account holders who happily provide feedback and test the limits […]

How To Enable Lightning With Green Wallet

Enable Lightning in Green Wallet

If you’re a recent Wallet of Satoshi refugee or looking to start with a Lightning wallet, you’re likely exploring all available options. You’re reading the forum and social media posts, and you’re wondering if Breez or Phoenix is the wallet for me.  When deciding on a Lightning wallet, you need to consider your technical aptitude, […]

Options For Migrating WoS Users

Migrating from WoS

Wallet of Satoshi (WoS) is a popular Bitcoin Lightning wallet provider that has developed quite a user base due to its simplicity and ease of use. This custodial wallet has an easy-to-understand user interface and abstracts all the complexities of Bitcoin.  It is available for free on iOS and Android, and once installed, all you […]

What Are Nostr Assets?

What are nostr assets

Nostr is a decentralised communications protocol that allows people to transfer and share information without relying on large central servers but broadcasting to a series of relays that anyone can spin up. It is censorship-resistant and private, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to take control of their data, those living in countries […]

Why Most Lightning Users Opt For Custodial Wallets

LN custodial wallets

Bitcoin is all about removing counter-party risk; the fact that you can self-custody with only the need to run software on your device is a revolutionary discovery. When you run a Bitcoin node and generate an offline wallet with a seed phrase, there is no one sitting between you and the monetary network.  You hold […]

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