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Puzzles were always a popular way to help pass the time and keep the brain busy but as modern technology has advanced, there has been an explosion of games brought to us through our smartphones. With an ever-increasing assortment to choose from at the touch of a button, all with addictive animations and flashing buttons, […]

What Is An LSP?

Lightning network service provider

The technology creates a secondary network that offers peer-to-peer payments trustlessly, with instant settlement and lower bitcoin transaction fees. But to gain access to all these benefits, you either need to use a custodial service, leverage a trusted node in your friendship, family or community circles or run the entire stack yourself. When it comes […]

What Are eCash Multi-Mint Swaps?

Multi-mint ecash

Onboarding users into bitcoin is no simple task; the average user is simply not ready to handle money in a self-sovereign manner the way on-chain and the Lightning Network demand. To manage your bitcoin safely and privately, you’ll need to run a node and use bitcoin privacy best practices, and this takes time to learn […]

How To Source Lightning Network Liquidity

Source liquidity on lightning

The Lightning Network┬áis currently the most widely talked about and used second-layer solution for the bitcoin network. It offers the fastest settlement and cheapest fees, making microtransactions possible and with more people flocking to it, we’ve seen the development of services, applications and protocol improvements continue. The Lightning Network now holds thousands of bitcoin and […]

What Are Zombie Lightning Channels?

Zombie Lightning Channel Explained

Operating a Lightning Network node is not only about accessing a layer two network so that you can perform cheap and instant bitcoin payments but also about being a constructive member of the network. As a liquidity provider to the network, it is your duty to ensure that it’s running as smoothly as possible. Lightning […]

What Are Asynchronous Lightning Payments?

asynchronous lightning payments explained

The Lightning Network is a second-layer environment for routing payments outside the restrictions of the bitcoin blockchain, which are known as that off-chain transactions. Transactions between parties are not on the blockchain but rather the updating of balances between members of the network who have decided to lock up bitcoin on-chain to allow them to […]

Bitcoin Gaming: EscapeQR

Even though the lightning network is a relatively new area of Bitcoin development, it has been steadily growing and enables fast and very low fee transactions between different wallets, which is ideal for tipping gamers, livestreamers, even your favourite musicians. This is all part of Bitcoin’s scaling solution where the strong foundation of the main […]