Bitcoin “Sorry” For Bank of England

I was just merrily getting on with my day job yesterday and up popped a string of mainstream media articles around the Bank of England. I thought to myself, “What are these charming people in charge of UK’s monetary policy up to now?” According to the pap, the Bank of England governor said he is […]

Bitcoin Triggers Bank of England

BTC triggers BOE

As I logged in to Bitcoin Twitter this morning, I started seeing people I follow share headlines from a comic called “The Guardian” which made me chortle, the headline read: I’ve written previously about not falling for clickbait titles but misleading tripe like this from “mainstream outlets” really grinds my gears. This is because it’s […]

Bank Bail-Ins? I’ll Bail Out To Bitcoin Instead

Bailey’s UK bank bail-ins means it’s time to bail out into Bitcoin Bail-Ins Remember the 2008 credit crunch? Not that long ago really in the grand scheme of things but I remember hearing news in Cyprus a couple of years later where people could not get access to their bank accounts. Instead, their hard earned […]