Funding For Bitcoin Startups

So you have an idea for a bitcoin-based business, or you’re already running a bitcoin-related business. Still, you need help to take it to the next level locally or expand your market share internationally. Trust us, you’re in the suitable space, and you’re in luck. Venture funds are tripping over themselves to invest in bitcoin-based companies right now. The potential upside in leveraging the bitcoin network remains attractive to early-stage investors. 

Getting in early on infrastructure, tools and protocols that leverage bitcoins ever-growing network of users could turn into businesses with massive market share in this new ecosystem that are held long term or turn attractive exits for these funds. 

Since the appetite to invest is there, all you need to do is offer them a business they can get behind with real potential for growth. If you’re looking to get in touch with venture funds that are investing in bitcoin, only companies, then check out some of the funds listed below.

venture funds focused on btc

Venture funds focusing on bitcoin startups

Fund Website
Bitcoiner Ventures
Ego Death Capital
Hivemind Ventures
Fulgur Ventures
Lightning Ventures
Mimesis Capital
Plan B Ventures
See Tee
Trammell Venture Partners

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