LEDN is a bitcoin-based financial service provider based in Toronto, Canada. They offer a host of services such as bitcoin spot buying, bitcoin trading, bitcoin-backed loans and a bitcoin-based interest account. 

Ledn is a custodial service provider, so they hold your bitcoin on your behalf but has been committed to providing transparency and has completed a Proof-of-Reserves attestation by a top-25 public accounting firm, Armanino LLP. Ledn clients can anonymously verify that their assets are included in the periodic reports.

The aim of Lend is to provide traditional financial service to bitcoin users and allow them to unlock the value within their bitcoin as well as to bridge the gap between bitcoin and traditional finance. Although based in Canada Ledn currently provides its services to users in over 100 countries.

Availablity Website
Website https://ledn.io/
iOS App https://apps.apple.com/
Android App https://play.google.com/

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