Crab Market

When Bitcoin’s price action is remaining relatively flat or moving sideways on the charts over a certain time frame, it is said to be in a crab market.

This is because the movement of most species of crabs when they walk from one place to the next, is sideways as they scuttle across the ground.

Bitcoin’s, and indeed any other financial market, will either be in one of three phases at any given time frame:

  • Bull market – prices are in a sustained upward trend or,
  • Bear market – prices are in a sustained downward trend or,
  • Crab market – prices are flat or moving sideways


In the Bitcoin world, crab markets and periods of price stability can often make people bored on Twitter and the so-called “influencers” will talk about any random content just to keep some engagement going. 

Others who ignore the noise will use the crab market to set limit buy orders at the lower price range to make the most of it and add to their Bitcoin stack. We’ll leave it up to you how you want to play these different markets.

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