SARS Sets Sights On Your Bitcoin Gains

SARS Bitcoin Income

South African Bitcoin traders, investors, and long-term holders, your free ride in the Wild West has had to end sometime. The days of cashing in on your stash and not worrying about what SARS would think about it or bother reporting it are not going to fly anymore.   What was once an ignored niche market […]

What Is Bitcoin Tax Loss Harvesting?

Bitcoin Tax Loss Harvesting

Bitcoin is synonymous with its four-year cycles and volatility, providing various trading opportunities. Depending on your timing, you could be in for feast or famine, and very few retail investors are ready for either, making plenty of unprofitable mistakes along the way. A bull market can encourage a lot of risk-taking, risks that can prove […]

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Should NOT Be Taxed

Why BTC should not be taxed

Taxing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a hot topic, but let’s face it, trying to tax something that was born to be rebellious is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Primarily, Bitcoin, by its very nature as a decentralized digital currency, falls outside the traditional financial systems.  It was designed […]

What Are The Tax Implications of Bitcoin?

BTC tax obligations

With the staggering rise and fall of bitcoin, we’ve seen the network settle billions in transactions each year, be that from paying salaries, trading, donations and gifting. As more value flows into bitcoin and value is exchanged on the network and adjacent networks like exchanges, bitcoin holders, investors, and traders may have serious tax questions […]

Do You Need To Pay Taxes On Bitcoin In The UK?

Let me start by saying that you really should speak to a professional and qualified tax advisor and accountant about taxes with Bitcoin. If you shitcoin, you will have a shit ton of tax considerations to think about as well but I’m just a bloke writing articles from time to time, no tax advice here. […]

SA Crypto Tax Makes Bigger Case For Hodling

South African crypto tax

You don’t have to be a financial analyst in South Africa to realise we’re short on funds, or rather the government is short on funds. As our debt becomes harder to refinance with constant downgrading, it becomes harder for governments to borrow money to turn to the cash cow at home. Apart from the usual […]

Deep Dive Into UK Taxes & Crypto

Deep Dive UK Taxes Crypto

The “T” Word Not the most exciting topic in the world but a very important thing to be aware of nonetheless! I’ll be sharing what I’ve found out so far regarding the UK’s approach as I live here but it goes without saying that you should do your own research on this and this isn’t […]

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