Do You Need To Pay Taxes On Bitcoin In The UK?

Let me start by saying that you really should speak to a professional and qualified tax advisor and accountant about taxes with Bitcoin. If you shitcoin, you will have a shit ton of tax considerations to think about as well but I’m just a bloke writing articles from time to time, no tax advice here. […]

SA Crypto Tax Makes Bigger Case For Hodling

South African crypto tax

You don’t have to be a financial analyst in South Africa to realise we’re short on funds, or rather the government is short on funds. As our debt becomes harder to refinance with constant downgrading, it becomes harder for governments to borrow money to turn to the cash cow at home. Apart from the usual […]

Deep Dive Into UK Taxes & Crypto

Deep Dive UK Taxes Crypto

The “T” Word Not the most exciting topic in the world but a very important thing to be aware of nonetheless! I’ll be sharing what I’ve found out so far regarding the UK’s approach as I live here but it goes without saying that you should do your own research on this and this isn’t […]