What Is Shitcoin Exit Liquidity?

shitcoin exit liquidity

We’ve all heard of or even participated in the standard ‘pump-and-dump’ scheme. The premise is simple, ‘dumpers’ create or hold a particular asset, in this case, a token, and use their influence or purchase influence through other personalities or institutions to hype up demand before aggressively. As people hear about the token and the false […]

The 12-Step Shitcoin Recovery Program

shitcoin recovery program

So you got into shitcoining because you heard you could make a lot of money in a short period of time, but it was not a get-rich-quick scheme. Let me guess the person that told you this also told you to invest in some of those coins told you it wasn’t financial advice. You decided […]

What Creates The Crypto Contagion?

Crypto contagion

It’s been a wild ride these last few years, even for the most seasoned bitcoiner. If this is your first bull and bear cycle, I am sure you feel like you’ve experienced a decade’s worth of drama in this last year alone. Bitcoin is infamous for being highly speculative and volatile. When you tack on […]

DAO’s Don’t Make Sense

Doa's don't make sense

Although the next era of the internet hasn’t been defined, pioneers in the bitcoin space are hard at work, building a set of self-sovereign tools for individuals and businesses to operate across borders with either no trust or certain trust assumptions. Even with bitcoin’s immutable layer underpinning these solutions, there are still many hurdles to […]

The Soulbound Token Turns Alts Into CBDCs

Soulbound token is a scam

Bitcoins‘ introduction on the world stage has started the reshape the way we view money, as we now have a decentralised network of programmable money that has a global reach and no single entity to control it. Naturally, this would be a highly disruptive technology due to its vast improvements over the current options and […]

Why VCs Keep Funding New Tokens

VCs love funding tokens

Every time a revolutionary discovery is made, you will find opportunists trying to create cheap knock-offs that prey on unsuspecting consumers and bitcoin is no different. While the bitcoin network aims to bring back a hard money standard and give everyone the chance to save money without custodial risk, you have detractors that want to […]

How To Delete Your Vauld Account

Delete Vauld Account

The attraction of NGU (Number Go Up) technology brings in a new cohort of people each cycle and as more inexperienced users come into bitcoin, so too will fianncail service look to attract those users and capital to their ecosystem. This cycle’s go-to risk trade living on the back of bitcoin’s repricing was bitcoin interest […]

How To Delete Your Voyager Account

Delete voyager account

2017 marked the year many of the big-name centralised lending platforms launched, and the bridge between traditional finance and bitcoin got a little shorter. These interest-yielding bitcoin accounts and bitcoin loan products aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Still, they do pose a considerable risk, and as we see in a bear market, that risk can […]

Why Play To Earn Crypto Games Are A Scam

Play To Earn Scam

Gaming has been a fun way to pass the time, a good bit of interactive entertainment, and I freely admit to spending a large sum of my teenage years playing console, hand held and computer games. Earning money doing odd jobs and saving to spend on games in my early years may not have been […]

How To Delete Your YouHodler Account

Delete YouHolder Account

2017 marked the year many of the big-name centralised lending platforms launched, and the bridge between traditional finance and bitcoin got a little shorter. Services like Celsius, BlockFi, Nexo and many more have grown to considerable sizes over the last five years and have attracted many customers looking to earn a yield on their bitcoin. […]