Crypto Degens Decide To Run BTC Nodes

Degens running nodes

The Bitcoin world is abuzz with the upcoming halving, which, if previous cycles are to be believed, will kick off the next bull run as the supply of new coins is reduced and the new inflation rate drives wild swings in price discovery. But that’s not all that’s happening this month; while the programmatic cutting […]

Migrating Your Node Away From Raspberry Pi

Migrate BTC node Raspberry PI

The lifeblood of Bitcoin’s security and decentralisation lies with its full nodes, and boy, do these bastions of the blockchain have some war stories to tell. Nodes are computers connected to the internet that download and verify the entire Bitcoin blockchain, acting as independent validators on the network. Running a full node is a must […]

Inscriptions Taking Down Chains

Inscriptions take down chains

Inscriptions and the Bitcoin spot ETF approval have been hot topics in recent months, with both deployments splitting investor opinions and inciting fierce debate online. While the ETF could bring an entirely new threat model further down the line, the battle for block space today is the most pertinent.  On the one hand, Bitcoin is a free market, and […]

What Are Phantom Node Payments?

Phantom node payments on Lightning

The complexity of Lightning has seen many users opt for custodial wallet options; this reliance on custodial wallet providers to hold user balances or generate Lightning Addresses exposes users to the possibility of getting rugged through services shutting down or ceasing operations due to regulatory changes, risking the accessibility and privacy of their funds. Over the […]

Bitcoin Knots Patch Aims To Tie Up Ordinals

BTC Knots tie up ordinals

The recent surge in popularity of Bitcoin Ordinals has sparked both excitement and concern within the Bitcoin ecosystem. There has not been this much of a polarising topic since the block size wars. Given Ordinals need to gobble up the already limited block space, it has begun to marginalise other transaction types like standard Bitcoin […]

Why Run A Cloud Node With Voltage

Cloud node with Voltage

One of the core tenets of Bitcoin is to avoid trust and always verify. To do this, you should practise self-custody and reduce exposure to intermediaries. While this is the intended use for Bitcoin, the reality is very few people have taken the time to use the asset and the network in a trustless manner. […]

What Is A Miner Activated Soft Fork (MASF)?

Miner activated soft fork

The Bitcoin Network and its underlying blockchain is a programmable money system open for anyone to review and audit. The rules of Bitcoin are governed by the code Bitcoin Core code base, and every node ensures the rules are checked against every block, while miners need to abide by the rules if they want to […]

What Is An Electrum Server?

Electrum server

Running your own Bitcoin node is the best way to grasp the Bitcoin experience and what is involved in managing your own money. It eliminates custodians and intermediaries and gives you the highest level of security possible since you’re interacting directly with the chain. While many first-time Bitcoiners are rightly concerned with the movement of […]

What is Nix Bitcoin?

Nix Bitcoin Explained

Participating in the Bitcoin network can be as simple or as complicated as you want to be; the simpler your involvement, the more you’re offloading tasks to third parties. If you’re not taking self-custody of your Bitcoin in a wallet where you hold the private keys, then you’re likely using a custodial service or an […]

What Are Lightning Network Negative Fees?

negative fees lightning network

When you run a Bitcoin Lightning node, you have the advantage of being able to route payments through this network at a far cheaper rate than you would on-chain, but to do so, you’re dealing with an entirely different environment. Lightning lives on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, but it has its own set of […]

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