Bitcoin App: PeerSwap

Bitcoin App PeerSwap

The Lightning Network (also referred to as Lightning or LN) is a scalability solution built on top of the bitcoin main chain that allows users to send and receive BTC with virtually no fees instantly. Lightning is considered to be an off-chain Layer 2 solution, meaning that transfers are done via a new network of payment channels anchored […]

What Are Bitcoin Volcano Bonds?

BTC volcano bonds

El Salvador made history in September 2021 when it became the first country to include bitcoin as a legal currency alongside the U.S. dollar. Since the announcement, we’ve seen bitcoin businesses set up a presence in the Central American nation, along with bitcoin flooding into their borders through the global remittance market and bitcoin tourism. […]

How To Open A Lightning Channel On The Liquid Network

open LN-channel on Liquid

The scaling of bitcoin beyond the base chain has seen the expansion of layer two protocols, with unique trade-offs designed to facilitate a certain type of transaction and user base. The Liquid Network is optimised for processing medium to large-sized transactions, often used by traders to arbitrage between exchanges. The Liquid Network is a fork […]

How Fees Work On The Liquid Network

fees on liquid network

The Liquid Network is a layer-2 solution for bitcoin, which allows users to move funds to a different blockchain with a different set of rules and consensus mechanisms. The Liquid network offers users fast, confidential settlement and issuance of digital assets, such as stablecoins, security tokens, and other financial instruments, on top of the bitcoin […]

What Is A Point Time Lock Contract?

Point Time Lock Contract

After the scaling debate for bitcoin has settled on the idea of side chains and parallel protocols, we’ve seen the emergence of alternative networks where bitcoin can operate without the constraints of the base chain; of these new environments, none more popular than the Lightning network. Known as a bitcoin “second layer” because most of […]

How To Speed Up A Bitcoin Transaction

Bitcoin Transaction Speeds

If you have ever made payments using the bitcoin network, you may have noticed how long it takes for the network to confirm transactions, depending on how long your transaction sits in the mempool it can be picked up in 10 minutes or much longer. In extreme cases, it can go days before you receive […]

How To Reduce Bitcoin Transaction Fees

Reducing btc transaction fees

Bitcoin is the first form of digital money where you not only have custody of the asset yourself, but you can control the conditions in which it is spent; when you broadcast to the network, you can use the default rules of the wallet, or you can customise it to your needs, that is the […]

Liquidity Pools On The Liquid Network

Liquidity Pools on Liquid

A purely digital asset like bitcoin has changed the way we trade value online; depending on the type of trading you would like to do, you might prefer a certain platform over another. Regulated KYC exchanges tend to be many peoples jumping off point with a lot of bitcoin trading is done on these custodial […]

Bitcoin App: Liquid Taxi

Liquid Taxi App

The bitcoin time chain has given us an ecosystem that is not fully understood by many; having the ability to trustlessly exchange value across the planet with only a set of software is a revolutionary idea. An idea so powerful that it has built a movement of bitcoiners who are committed to seeing the network […]

How Liquid Fits Into The Bitcoin Ecosystem

Liquid BTC ecosystem

The Liquid Network is often dismissed by many bitcoiners due to its consensus method, it is a distributed federated system run by several corporations who have the final say on bitcoin pegged in, and bitcoin pegged out of its network. It was initially created to help offload transactions from the base chain and make it […]