What Are Taproot Swaps?

Taproot Swaps Explained

Bitcoin has become a victim of its success as more people regularly use the network to settle transactions. Bitcoin has a hard limit on the number of transactions it can settle per block, and as demand for the asset increases, the resulting network congestion drives up fees.  Increased fees optimise blocks for the transactions that […]

How To Enable Lightning With Green Wallet

Enable Lightning in Green Wallet

If you’re a recent Wallet of Satoshi refugee or looking to start with a Lightning wallet, you’re likely exploring all available options. You’re reading the forum and social media posts, and you’re wondering if Breez or Phoenix is the wallet for me.  When deciding on a Lightning wallet, you need to consider your technical aptitude, […]

Why Ordinals Don’t Move To The Liquid Sidechain?

Ordinals liquid network

Bitcoin is a censorship-resistant and permissionless system that allows us to exchange value online. Transactions can come in different sizes and perform various actions, like CoinJoins or opening and closing Lightning channels. Still, they will always be confirmed if you follow the consensus rules.  If consensus is not broken, you’re free to play around and use your Bitcoin […]

What Is BitStream?

Bitstream explained

It’s been a long and winding bear market, with many so-called “hodlers” jumping ship, as builders giving up on their projects or putting them on pause as markets aren’t as liquid as they were during a bull market. The previous all-time high was two years ago, and as the market deflated, it’s been a slow […]

What Are On-Chain Bitcoin Derivatives?

On chain derivatives

Trading Bitcoin comes in different forms; it depends on the trader’s intent, their access to the market, and the risks each trader is comfortable with while being an active market participant. As a retail trader who is comfortable with custodial risk, you could trade on centralised platforms that offer spot markets for fiat and Bitcoin or Stablecoins […]

What Is The Blockstream ASIC (BASIC) Note?

Blockstream Basic Note

ASIC miners help to secure the Bitcoin network by validating transactions. ASICS generating hash power is a necessary part of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Still, the most important aspect for the average person is that these noisy computer boxes can generate new Bitcoin. Each year, individuals and businesses try their hand at this digital gold rush […]

What Is The Liquid Federation?

Liquid Federation Members

Bitcoin’s ability to scale is limited by design trade-offs made in the past that optimise for security and decentralisation; as a result of no compromise on those two pillars of the network, scalability on-chain is sacrificed. Today the number of transactions the network can safely secure with every block would not be able to support […]

How To Navigate A Bloated Bitcoin Mempool

Bloated Mempool

When you commit a transaction to the Bitcoin blockchain, it goes through several phases before being confirmed on-chain. Part of that process is having your transaction added to the mempool. The Bitcoin mempool plays a crucial role in the transaction process, acting as a holding area for unconfirmed transactions.  Usually, your transactions won’t spend too […]

How To Create A Bitcoin Payment Request

Create BTC payment Request

A public key allows you to receive bitcoin transactions and is a unique path generated by your wallet’s seed phrase. It’s a cryptographic code that’s paired with a private key. When you generate a public key, anyone can send transactions to the public key; however, you need the private key to “unlock” them and prove […]

Bitcoin App: PeerSwap

Bitcoin App PeerSwap

The Lightning Network (also referred to as Lightning or LN) is a scalability solution built on top of the bitcoin main chain that allows users to send and receive BTC with virtually no fees instantly. Lightning is considered to be an off-chain Layer 2 solution, meaning that transfers are done via a new network of payment channels anchored […]

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