Why Are Exchanges Avoiding CoinJoined Bitcoin?

Avoid coinjoin btc

Bitcoin is a pseudonymous payment network; if you only use the data that’s available on-chain, it doesn’t provide you with any personal information on transacting partners or who the user is that owns that specific Bitcoin.  As the market matured and large trading platforms with ties to traditional financial rails like banks became the biggest […]

12 Tips For Making A P2P Bitcoin Trade

Tips for p2p bitcoin trades

Acquiring bitcoin with cash comes in two distinct flavours; you can choose to purchase it from a company such as a centralised exchange or fintech trading company, or you can purchase it from another bitcoin holder. When using an exchange, you’ll have to give up a host of information about yourself to acquire an account, […]

What Happens When An Exchange Goes Bankrupt?

Crypto exchange goes broke

It’s been a disastrous few months for cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers, with exchange after exchange falling into the depths of insolvency and filing for bankruptcy. As one domino feel, the intertwined nature of the cryptocurrency market has seen contagion spread leaving exchanges exposed without access to the capital that was pledged to them by […]

How Is The Bitcoin Price Determined?

I’ve been asked many variations of this question in recent times, usually from those who are still sitting on the sidelines with Bitcoin and are trying to apply normie ways of thinking to it. “How can something that isn’t “tangible” be valued in the tens of thousands?” The hardened Bitcoiners who have been around for […]

Jack Mallers The Giant Slayer

TBM Topics

Fee fi fo fum, as the age-old tale of Jack goes, he tends to have a propensity to take on giants. In the Bitcoin space, there are very few bigger than the likes of Coinbase, PayPal, Venmo and The Cash App (which I’m sick of being plugged in Podcasts, WE KNOW THE CASH APP, we […]

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