What Is An Automatic Market Maker?

Automatic Market Makers Explained

To purchase your first bitcoin, you opt to sign up for the drama that is the bitcoin market; you have to deal with pricing volatility, traders blowing up their accounts, exchanges going bust, and everything in between. It truly is the wild west, and It can take a while to understand how everything works in […]

Bitcoin App: PeerSwap

Bitcoin App PeerSwap

The Lightning Network (also referred to as Lightning or LN) is a scalability solution built on top of the bitcoin main chain that allows users to send and receive BTC with virtually no fees instantly. Lightning is considered to be an off-chain Layer 2 solution, meaning that transfers are done via a new network of payment channels anchored […]

D-centralisation X

TBM Topics

As someone who has fallen down the bumpy ass rabbit hole, I’ve had to spend hours sifting through various articles, tweets and opinions from “influencers” in the space. The market for Bitcoin-related content is on the rise, with several button-up shirt types taking the lead. Now I have nothing against these podcasters; they do a […]