What Is A Lightning Network Escrow?

LN escrow explained

The bitcoin network today has a market cap in the billions and has even reached as high as 1 trillion dollars US. The network settles billions in transaction volume each day. As it continues to prove a reliable method of transferring funds between parties, more people are beginning to trust it to settle more significant […]

What Is A Bitcoin Sovereign Rollup?

BTC sovereign rollups

The future of Bitcoin scaling is still under debate; while the Lightning Network remains the clear market leader in terms of usage, volume of bitcoin locked, and transaction settlement, that doesn’t mean this will be a one-horse race, and other solutions are welcome to compete for bitcoin users and their precious satoshis. A new protocol […]

Why Would A Bitcoin Transaction Remain Unconfirmed?

BTC unconfirmed transactions

If you’ve ever traded bitcoin on-chain before, then you probably have experienced the cold sweat and tightened sphincter that is waiting for that first confirmation. Moving money on a network with strange text string addresses and waiting for a miner somewhere in the world to secure it into a block is always going to be […]

What Is RBF – Replace By Fee?

replace by fee

When you perform a bitcoin transaction, it needs to be verified by the bitcoin network before it can be completed. This verification process is done by a node that broadcasts the transaction to the network. If the transaction meets bitcoin consensus requirements and the fees are attractive, miners will pick it up and add it […]

What Is Bitcoin Miniscript?

Bitcoin Miniscript explained

When you perform a bitcoin transaction, you’re instructing a bitcoin wallet to execute a command on your behalf and provide it with a few parameters, such as the public address you want to send to, the amount you want to send, the UTXO you wish to use, the fee you’d like to pay miners to […]

What Are Bitcoin Ephemeral Anchors?

ephemeral anchors explained

When you store wealth in bitcoin, eventually, you’re going to have to do an on-chain transaction. This is the process where you sign over rights to bitcoin, to move it from one wallet to another. To perform a valid transaction must set the amount, provide a signature from their private key, pay a fee to […]

What Is A Bitcoin OP_VAULT?

BTC op code

Bitcoin is the first digital-only asset that cannot be duplicated, which is a concept that many people struggle to come to terms with; how can something that only exists as text on a database has value? Let alone be resistant to copying? One way to come to terms with this new form of wealth storage […]

Why Does Bitcoin Have Transaction Fees?

Bitcoin Transaction Fees

All bitcoin transactions are permanently recorded on the blockchain, maintained with a copy on all full nodes. While recording transactions and keeping an archive of transaction history is handled by the nodes, adding to the chain goes through a different process. Confirming and securing new transactions on the network requires highly specialised computer hardware called […]

12 Tips For Keeping Bitcoin On Your Smartphone

Tips for holding bitcoin on your smartphone

The smartphone has replaced many devices, from cameras, voice recorders, and GPS navigation, torches, as well as our primary access point to the internet. They’ve become more than a simple communication device for making calls and sending texts; with bitcoin, a smartphone can be your bank. There’s little rest for your hard-working smartphone. If you’re […]

What Are Wumbo Lightning Channels?

Wumbo LN channels explained

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network has reached significant milestones as it continues to provide bitcoin users with a scaling method ideal for micropayments and programmable payments. The lifeblood of the Lightning network is the amount of channels and the size of channels, all working in unison to create a mesh network to settle payments instantly. As more […]