The Stress Of Self Custody

Self custody stressful

Ah, Bitcoin, the asset that divides the dinner table, the political sphere, the financial world, and generations. When it comes to Bitcoin, it often feels like there is no room for nuance, and you’re encouraged to side with one of two camps.  Either it’s dismissed as a digital Ponzi made up of cryptographic proofs, while […]

Beware Of Hardware Wallet Phishing Scams

Beware of HW phishing scams

Entering the exciting world of Bitcoin can feel like discovering a treasure chest – except instead of gold coins, you have digital ones secured within a “hardware wallet” or, as some call it, a “signing device“. These devices are your treasure chest, secured with a lock that only you should know the combination to, a […]

What Is A Bitcoin Passphrase?

Bitcoin Passphrase explained

In Bitcoin, where fortunes reside in strings of code, security should always be your number one priority. When you decide to store your wealth in Bitcoin, your first task is to eliminate third-party risk, which involves generating a set of private keys only you can access; once you have those keys, you can generate public […]

What We Can Learn From The Ledger Connect Hack

Ledger wallet connect hack

As you tumble down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, one of your first steps is to get your coins off exchanges and hold your keys. Many of us, lured by the promise of self-custody and the simplicity of a thumb drive, entrusted our Bitcoin riches to Ledger wallets. These affordable devices, once the go-to for security […]

Ledger Live Tracking Reveals Privacy Concerns

Ledger live privacy

Ledger wallets are arguably one of the most popular hardware wallets/signing devices on the market; the brand recognition and trust it has built over the years with its Nano range of devices is admirable. Their brand of physical devices designed to store and manage your Bitcoin has helped drive home the idea of self-custody. Self-custody […]

The Achilles Heel of Popular Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

Issues with BTC hardware wallets

We’ve all (hopefully) heard and obeyed the excellent advice that you should store your private keys on a dedicated Hardware Wallet. There are millions of people world wide who trust them to keep their bitcoins safe and for good reason. No one should be storing their keys on a post it note, in their iCloud […]

Regulation & The Importance of Bitcoin Self-Custody

I’m pretty big on Bitcoin security and always want people who stack sats to take ownership of them by getting a cold wallet, rather than leaving their coins on 3rd party platforms. Having said that, I have moved my Bitcoin around different places and it got to a point where I had more out of […]

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