How To Acquire Bitcoin If Your Government Bans It

Get BTC even when its banned

If you ask many a nocoiner or bitcoin sceptic why they see no reason to acquire any stake in bitcoin, they’ll often resort to the statist argument of “Well, the government will just ban it if it gets too big”. The idea that governments worldwide will ban bitcoin is popular for a good reason. Bitcoin […]

What Happens When An Exchange Goes Bankrupt?

Crypto exchange goes broke

It’s been a disastrous few months for cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers, with exchange after exchange falling into the depths of insolvency and filing for bankruptcy. As one domino feel, the intertwined nature of the cryptocurrency market has seen contagion spread leaving exchanges exposed without access to the capital that was pledged to them by […]

Banking Blunders Highlight My Need For Bitcoin

Banking blunders drive me to Bitcoin

I don’t think anyone thinks about the power their bank has over them until they fall victim to its omnipotence. We all believe that bank works for us; we’re the client, they serve us. It’s hardly the case, but a fallacy. We assume the same relationship we have when we trade money for goods and […]